On­line cannabis sales make sense

Edmonton Journal - - EDITORIAL -

The man­ner in which weed will be sold seems to have gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials stumped. On­tario’s re­cent de­ci­sion to sell weed through gov­ern­ment out­lets is go­ing to be a dis­as­ter and I strongly urge Al­ber­tan of­fi­cials to re­ject this model.

The sta­tus quo for le­gal mar­i­juana dis­tri­bu­tion is through the mail — and at­tempt­ing to change this makes lit­tle sense. Mar­i­juana is the per­fect prod­uct to dis­trib­ute by on­line mail or­der.

Un­like booze, mar­i­juana is light­weight and com­pact. A sin­gle ship­ment can last many recre­ational users months. Try­ing to sell mar­i­juana the same way you sell booze does not make sense.

There is a so­cial stigma about pub­licly pur­chas­ing mar­i­juana so con­sumers pre­fer the anonymity of on­line pur­chases.

On­line mail or­der is the most cost-ef­fi­cient model. This means the on­line dis­trib­u­tor will al­ways be able to un­der­cut his com­peti­tors. Mail dis­tri­bu­tion is how all med­i­cal mar­i­juana in Canada is presently dis­trib­uted and the sys­tem works great.

This is the model Al­ber­tans should be look­ing to, with as few brick-and-mor­tar out­lets as pos­si­ble. The days of the back-al­ley pot dealer are pretty much over; I just hope our gov­ern­ments are smart enough to look at what is work­ing now as op­posed to im­pos­ing an ex­pen­sive sys­tem that flies in the face of what peo­ple truly want. Bryan Tron­s­gard, Ed­mon­ton


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