City’s plan is build any­thing, any­where

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Re: “Too many tow­ers,” Oct. 9

As a for­mer pro­fes­sional city plan­ner, I find it dis­con­cert­ing to read of Ed­mon­ton com­mu­nity lead­ers who act more like pro­fes­sional city plan­ners than Ed­mon­ton’s city plan­ners.

It’s even more dis­con­cert­ing to read of Mayor Don Ive­son’s call for a more thought­ful ap­proach to adding den­sity when, af­ter eight years of thought­ful con­sid­er­a­tion by seven com­mu­ni­ties to cre­ate a plan for the care­ful dis­tri­bu­tion of in­creased built form and den­sity in the 109 Street cor­ri­dor, he and other coun­cil mem­bers cast aside the plan by ap­prov­ing pre­cisely the kind of in­tru­sive over­sized de­vel­op­ment the plan was thought­fully in­tended to pre­vent.

Pro­fes­sional city plan­ners live by the old ax­iom, “there’s a place for ev­ery­thing, and ev­ery­thing in its place.” It seems in Ed­mon­ton, it’s “any­thing, any place.”

B.J. Kropf, Ed­mon­ton


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