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shame on an­drew scheer. His re­cent ra­dio ads rail­ing against Lib­eral tax re­form would have you be­lieve he’s fight­ing for the mid­dle class, when in re­al­ity it’s all about keep­ing money in the pock­ets of rich lawyers, doc­tors and busi­ness­men. The Lib­eral tax re­forms are aimed at clos­ing loop­holes. Loop­holes that al­low the rich to “sprin­kle” their in­come among fam­ily mem­bers who did not in fact earn it. Loop­holes that al­low them to save in taxes what the av­er­age Cana­dian worker makes in a year. Loop­holes that en­able them to avoid pay­ing their fair share. Like stephen Harper be­fore him, it’s more about the rich get­ting richer than any al­tru­is­tic wish to help small busi­ness. Just scheer stu­pid­ity, if you ask me.

ron Hod­gins (Let us know when Trudeau and Co. go af­ter the bil­lions of dol­lars hid­den in off­shore tax havens and trust ac­counts, as op­posed to farm­ers and other fam­i­lyrun busi­nesses.)

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