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While Premier (Rachel) Not­ley loudly cries wolf ev­ery time she sees a UCP puppy, she con­tin­ues to ig­nore the ele­phant of anti-busi­ness poli­cies that are sti­fling in­vest­ment in this province. I am sure I am not the only se­nior try­ing to get by with a very modest in­come gen­er­ated by in­vest­ments. The com­bined poli­cies of Premier Not­ley and PM (Justin) Trudeau have driven new in­vest­ment south and west. I pray for new gov­ern­ment fo­cus on mak­ing Al­berta and Canada “great again”.

BOB COSH (We could do with­out that par­tic­u­lar slo­gan but like the sen­ti­ment.)


In Heidi Still­inger’s re­sponse to the ar­ti­cle re­gard­ing her son be­ing re­leased from prison, she seems very an­gry with the Sun. While I can em­pathize with her for hav­ing to en­dure what I as­sume is hurt and anger, the vic­tim’s fam­ily has to en­dure a life­time with­out their loved one. This is the prob­lem with our le­gal sys­tem to­day. They place more em­pha­sis on the killer and their feel­ings and get­ting “out.” Not re­ally ever think­ing about how it feels for the fam­ily who lost their daugh­ter for life, her killer is be­ing re­leased from prison, call­ing it “con col­lege”. Whether it was meant as a joke or not is not any less harsh know­ing they will never speak to or see their daugh­ter again. You, Heidi, should be thank­ful this didn’t hap­pen in the U.S. or you’d never see your poor son out of prison again.

DEAN Clarke (Just to be clear, it was a man­slaugh­ter con­vic­tion.)


I re­cently saw the brief let­ter crit­i­ciz­ing your car­toon­ist, Donato, and your re­ply. While the writer lacked sen­si­tiv­ity, he has a great point. Since the last U.S. elec­tion cam­paign got un­der­way, I would bet that U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump dom­i­nates Donato’s con­tent. While I agree he is an easy tar­get, our own buf­foon of a leader gets very lit­tle sar­cas­tic art work from Mr. Donato who lets the drama teacher off rel­a­tively lightly con­sid­er­ing Trudeau’s record. It seems odd to me that he can­not come up with il­lus­tra­tions daily ex­ploit­ing our id­i­otic leader that would en­ter­tain and score some cred­i­bil­ity for the artist and your pub­li­ca­tion. My guess would be that Mr. Donato voted lib­eral. Af­ter all at least Mr. Trump can con­sis­tently com­plete a sen­tence, un­like JT.

RICK ED­WARDS SHER­WOOD PARK (It’s a ques­tion of whether those sen­tences make any sense, mind you.)


I have no­ticed lately in the let­ters to the ed­i­tors that a num­ber of peo­ple have ex­pressed the wish to sep­a­rate from Canada. Your re­sponse has al­ways been that sep­a­ra­tion is not the an­swer. Per­haps that is true but with­out an open and hon­est dia­log re­gard­ing the risks and ben­e­fits to Al­berta your an­swer is as un­in­formed as those tout­ing sep­a­ra­tion. We can’t ex­tin­guish the flames of sep­a­ra­tion with­out hav­ing a se­ri­ous con­ver­sa­tion about the con­se­quences.


(A fair point.)

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