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Mike Dolce is known in mixed-mar­tial-arts cir­cles as the mas­ter of weight cut­ting: He has helped fighters drop up to 20 pounds of wa­ter weight in less than 24 hours. Here, the nu­tri­tion guru shares some of his best de-bloat­ing ad­vice that re­quires very lit­tle leg­work. 1. A few days be­fore you drop trou on the beach, re­move all salt from your diet and in­crease your wa­ter in­take. This com­bi­na­tion will re­duce wa­ter re­ten­tion. 2. Two days be­fore, switch to ve­gan din­ners. “An­i­mal meat tends to slow down di­ges­tion and may make you ap­pear slightly bloated for a day or two,” says Dolce. 3. The night be­fore: Take a steamy bath while sip­ping hot tea. “This will wring out ex­cess wa­ter.” h

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