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My leg hair grows so quickly – I get stub­ble the same day I shave! Is there a bet­ter way to get longer­last­ing re­sults?

When you shave, you’re slic­ing the hairs off at skin level (and hair is con­stantly grow­ing!), so it’s no sur­prise that you can start to feel the sharp edges reap­pear­ing af­ter only a few hours. Try us­ing a hair re­moval cream, which dis­solves the hair in the fol­li­cle, or a wax, which re­moves the en­tire hair be­low the skin’s sur­face. Be­cause it takes longer to grow back, your legs will be smoother, longer!

I’m go­ing camp­ing for the rst time this sum­mer, and I don’t want to be lug­ging any­thing along with me. What’s my best bet?

Ditch the messy ra­zor and get yourself silky smooth be­fore the trip. Use wax (ei­ther warm or cold strips) – the re­sults last for up to 28 days, and you’ll be guar­an­teed to be stub­ble-free for your moon­lit ca­noe rides.

I was look­ing at my­self in a mir­ror un­der a bright light and re­al­ized I have so much peach fuzz on my face! Now it’s all I can see. What can I do?

Many women, thanks to genes and hor­mones, have a lit­tle fuzz. Get­ting rid of it doesn’t have to be an ex­pen­sive, la­bo­ri­ous process. Try us­ing a cream (make sure it’s spe­cially for­mu­lated for fa­cial use) and al­ways test it on an in­con­spic­u­ous place rst. In just a few min­utes, you’ll be smooth and fuzz free for days.

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