Ge­orgie Binks feels the love at a nude re­sort.

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two years ago, when we ar­rived at the famed He­do­nism re­sort in Ja­maica, my boyfriend and I were ready for a bit of nu­dity and some tit­il­la­tion. The idea of an “adult” re­sort had seemed in­trigu­ing, but by some strange quirk of fate (and the fact that we hadn’t read the web­site closely), we crash-landed in the mid­dle of Swingers Week—nar­rowly miss­ing MILF Week. As we strolled into the lobby, duck­ing un­der the “Swingers” banner, my boyfriend and I felt like Brad and Janet ar­riv­ing at the cas­tle in The Rocky Hor­ror Pic­ture Show.

He­do­nism has taken on near-myth­i­cal proportions as “a place where any­thing goes.” In re­al­ity, the re­sort is di­vided into two ar­eas: the prude side, for peo­ple like us, and the nude side. We were wel­come to join the free-spir­ited camp—as long as we shed our cloth­ing. As a for­mer nude model for univer­sity photog­raphy classes, I fig­ured I’d beat my boyfriend to this. I pic­tured my­self strut­ting by him, naked and laugh­ing. But no sooner had I an­nounced “We need beach tow­els” than he handed me a stack—“I got th­ese on the nude side,” he ex­plained ca­su­ally. En­raged that he’d beaten me to it, I dragged him back to the nude beach, tore off my clothes and—nearly died. Be­ing naked in pub­lic had felt dif­fer­ent when I was 19. It had felt bet­ter. I tried to shift some of my dis­com­fort onto him. “So you like it when strangers see your girl­friend naked?” I asked point­edly. He was con­flicted. If other peo­ple weren’t look­ing at his naked girl­friend, then he couldn’t look at theirs. He shrugged. I headed for the bar and or­dered a Coke. (Why had I given up drink­ing? The com­bi­na­tion of killer mi­graines and badly ex­e­cuted David Lee Roth im­per­son­ations seemed so unim­por­tant now.) I gulped and strode into the crowd. Ten min­utes later, I was awk­wardly shar­ing fries with an Aussie cou­ple.

“Do you think ev­ery­one else is hav­ing sex with one another?” I asked my boyfriend later in the week. I’d heard ac­counts of sex in the hot tub late at night and in shaded cor­ners of the beach. I won­dered if ask­ing another cou­ple “Can we join you?” at din­ner meant some­thing else. I thought back to the time an at­trac­tive woman jumped into the pool, naked, and en­gaged me in con­ver­sa­tion while her hus­band eyed me furtively. But, de­spite the jolt that be­ing nude in pub­lic de­liv­ered, I wasn’t tempted to com­pli­cate a good re­la­tion­ship with dis­trac­tions. (Well, maybe a lit­tle visual dis­trac­tion.)

As I bounced into the din­ing room in a sexy dress one evening, I stopped short when I saw 300 women wear­ing fish­net body­suits—and noth­ing else. It seems that “seafood buf­fet night” at other re­sorts be­comes “fish­net night” at He­do­nism. My boyfriend thought it was great, but I be­came a 19th-cen­tury grandma, tut-tut­ting ev­ery­one.

The more I looked at other peo­ple, though, the more I loved their naked self-con­fi­dence. While I’d ini­tially been hor­ri­fied by the nud­ies run­ning by me at 4 p.m. yelling “Naked wa­ter­slide!” (dodge balls, any­one?), I started to en­joy the va­ri­ety of bod­ies. I even started get­ting used to mine. I re­al­ized that my tummy was no worse than any­one else’s. And it was free­ing to let my sup­posed flaws show.

I learned a few things from the free spir­its at He­do­nism: I’ve stopped judg­ing women’s bod­ies, be they clothed or naked. And I re­al­ized there’s a logic to putting mir­rors on the ceil­ing: Ev­ery­one looks good when they’re on their back. n

It’s party sea­son…and my boss started fol­low­ing me on In­sta­gram! Do I re­cip­ro­cate or delete my ac­count en­tirely? A: It’s time for a new In­sta­gram ac­count. Let your boss follow you on the one you have al­ready,

follow him/her back and post pic­tures you would like him/her to see (e.g., pic­tures of you work­ing hard all week­end, en­gaged in char­ity projects, run­ning marathons). Then start your new In­sta­gram ac­count un­der a dif­fer­ent name, tell all your friends to move over to

that one and post all the real stuff.


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