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The ar­ti­cle “Sen­sory Over­load” [ELLE Life] in your Novem­ber is­sue, which ex­plained brain or­gasms, was my ab­so­lute favourite! While my su­per­power is a tad dif­fer­ent, I now know that there are other peo­ple out there who are hy­per­sen­si­tive to senses other than touch and that there is such a thing as a brain or­gasm. I mean, who knew? Since read­ing the ar­ti­cle, I have given up my quest to find the X-men and join them us­ing the name “Hyper­sex.” Thank you for nor­mal­iz­ing us “su­per-freaks” and let­ting us come out to play. MA­GALI JUMELLE, MON­TREAL

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