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I en­joyed the par­al­lel in the Oc­to­ber is­sue be­tween Guy Saddy’s ar­ti­cle “Faux­centrics” [ELLE Opin­ion] and Olivia Stren’s “A Cri­sis of Con­fi­dence” [ELLE Ca­reer]. I think most celebri­ties put on a “faux-cade” so they grab our at­ten­tion, but they could just be wait­ing for the mo­ment we dis­cover they’re frauds. After all, the rea­son they strive for celebrity is to be ad­mired—maybe be­cause they don’t feel ad­mi­ra­tion within. So in­stead of day­dream­ing beyond our medi­ocrity, we should embrace how won­der­ful we are when we’re fraud- and fancy-free. MELANIE, BURLING­TON, ONT. They do it to im­press an older boy or just to get it over with; after, they are trau­ma­tized by the decision and feel they should have waited. Maybe as we age, girls no longer feel like shar­ing our bod­ies with boys for the hell of it; maybe we start to see sex as some­thing child­ish, done sim­ply to im­press some­one, and th­ese thoughts make us for­get the true mean­ing be­hind it: pas­sion and love. Thanks for an amaz­ing ar­ti­cle; it’s ad­vice I’m go­ing to cher­ish through my teen years. MAISIE, EMAIL life, but when I pick up ELLE, I ex­pect fash­ion, not sex ed. LEAH OLIVIA


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