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How to med­i­tate when you feel ready to im­plode. Start with 10 min­utes a day and work your way up to 30 min­utes if you can.

1. Find a quiet space where you can re­lax, and sit on a chair.

2. De­fo­cus your eyes by gaz­ing softly into the mid­dle dis­tance.

3. Ob­serve your pos­ture and no­tice the sen­sa­tions

of your body on the chair. Ac­knowl­edge your senses. Close your eyes.

4. Turn your mind in­ward and men­tally scan your body, from head to toe, ob­serv­ing any ten­sion or dis­com­fort.

5. Bring your at­ten­tion to your breath­ing, but don’t make any ef­fort to change it. Ob­serve the ris­ing and fall­ing sen­sa­tion that it cre­ates in your body.

6. You might find your­self in­un­dated with thoughts and

plans or feel calm and fo­cused. What­ever hap­pens is com­pletely fine.

7. Be­come aware once more of the phys­i­cal feel­ings: the chair be­neath you, where your feet make con­tact with the floor, your arms, your hands rest­ing in your lap. No­tice any­thing you can hear, smell, taste or feel.

8. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.

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