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One thing Sara and Erin Foster want to make very clear is that their new show is not about them—even though the actress and writer sib­lings play two sis­ters who are, well, an actress and a writer film­ing a re­al­ity-TV show about their life in Hol­ly­wood. “We have the same names, but that’s where the re­al­ity ends!” say the L.A.-na­tive sis­ters.

If any­one is qual­i­fied to make a faux-re­al­ity-TV show cri­tiquing our ob­ses­sion with celebrity, it’s th­ese two: Daugh­ters of mu­sic pro­ducer David Foster, their own cred­its in­clude a role on the re­booted 90210 (Sara) and writ­ing for The New Nor­mal (Erin). Barely Fa­mous (on VH1 now) is a send-up of what goes on be­hind the scenes of a re­al­ity-TV show in which two G-lis­ters “just want to be fa­mous with­out re­ally even know­ing why,” says Sara, 34. (Think Curb Your En­thu­si­asm meets The Real Housewives.) “We wanted to play around with show­ing your life in one way when it’s re­ally an­other way. Our char­ac­ters try to be cool and look good in front of the cam­era to make peo­ple jeal­ous and then they con­tinue to fall on their faces be­cause they are flawed peo­ple, and they do it in front of the cam­era.”

And even if you’re not a Kar­dashian (or a Hil­ton, or an Os­bourne, or a res­i­dent of Or­ange County circa 2006), this show has its satir­i­cal ar­row aimed straight at you and your own care­fully con­structed re­al­ity: “Some­one’s life on Instagram is not their real life; it’s the life they want you to see,” says Erin, 32. “You over­shoot some­times to make sure that ev­ery­one sees your life a cer­tain way. And I think that some­times peo­ple are so busy doc­u­ment­ing their lives to look a cer­tain way that they’re not living their fuck­ing lives!”

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