ELLE (Canada) - - Horoscope - by Ge­or­gia Nicols


(APRIL 20 – MAY 20) Ta-dah! Once a year the Sun is in your sign, recharg­ing your bat­ter­ies for the next 12 months—and that time has ar­rived. This is why you at­tract im­por­tant peo­ple and favourable cir­cum­stances to you. Life is for­tu­nate for you this month. Take no­tice of the beauty in your daily sur­round­ings and how much love there is in your daily world. It’s mirac­u­lous.


(JULY 23 – AUG. 22) This is the only time all year when the Sun is at the top of your chart, which makes oth­ers no­tice and ad­mire you. Take ad­van­tage of this won­der­ful in­flu­ence and go af­ter what you want; doors will fly open. Although you might be at odds with a friend or in com­pe­ti­tion with some­one in a group, re­la­tions with author­ity fig­ures are great.


(OCT. 23 – NOV. 21) You need more sleep this month. Ac­cept this; take naps and go to bed ear­lier. Mean­while, your fo­cus on part­ner­ships and close friend­ships will be in­tense. This is, in part, be­cause your sex drive is aroused, but it’s also be­cause ro­mance with some­one from a dif­fer­ent back­ground is likely. Travel for plea­sure if you can.


It’s a mixed bag this month. You want to cocoon at home and en­joy the peace and quiet of familiar sur­round­ings, yet, at times, you will party hard and be ac­tive in sports and recre­ational events. (This in­cludes new love and ro­mance.) You might de­velop a crush on some­one you work with. Why not re­dec­o­rate or en­hance your workspace as well?


(MAY 21 – JUNE 20) On May 11, fiery Mars will en­ter your sign for the first time in two years, ig­nit­ing your en­ergy and mak­ing you more as­sertive. You won’t hes­i­tate to fight for your rights. Mars will also boost your sex drive and your zest for life. You will love shop­ping for beau­ti­ful things for your­self and loved ones this month. Mean­while, in quiet mo­ments, take time to plan your year ahead.


(AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22) You need to es­cape. You want adventure and a chance to learn some­thing new. Break free from your daily rou­tine to dis­cover more of life. Now is the time to sign up for a course, go back to school, travel and talk to peo­ple from other coun­tries. Friend­ships are warm; in fact, a friend could be­come a lover.

Ex­plore your world.


(NOV. 22 – DEC. 21) Give your­self ev­ery tool, item and gizmo you need to get bet­ter or­ga­nized. Make a to-do list about what you want to achieve. You want to not only feel more in con­trol of your life but also im­prove your health. Mean­while, gifts, good­ies and favours from oth­ers will come your way. This is a good time to ap­ply for a loan or mort­gage.


(FEB. 19 – MARCH 20)

This month brings you a jam-packed sched­ule with short trips, in­creased read­ing and writ­ing, lots of con­ver­sa­tions plus a de­sire to en­lighten oth­ers. Yes, you’re busy! In­creased ac­tiv­ity and chaos at home will add to an al­ready ac­cel­er­ated pace. On top of this, ex­pect in­vi­ta­tions to party and en­joy ro­man­tic out­ings and sports events. This is a hap­pen­ing month.


(JUNE 21 – JULY 22) You feel friendly and so­cia­ble this month, which is why you want to schmooze. Ac­cept in­vi­ta­tions and ex­tend them to oth­ers as well. Not only will you have a good time but your in­ter­ac­tions will ben­e­fit you in many ways. Venus in your sign this month makes you sweet and at­trac­tive. This is a great month to treat your­self to pretty wardrobe good­ies.


(SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22) Your at­ten­tion is on in­her­i­tances, in­sur­ance mat­ters, taxes and shared prop­erty this month, but, on a deeper level, you want to im­prove your­self. You want to be the best you can be. Peo­ple in power will sense this about you and be im­pressed. In fact, ro­mance with a boss is pos­si­ble. (When any­one de­cides to em­power them­selves, it shows.)


(DEC. 22 – JAN. 19) You want the free­dom to be your­self this month. You want to play, flirt and in­dulge your cre­ative im­pulses. Party ev­ery chance you get. En­joy the com­pany of oth­ers. Make time for sports events, the theatre, play­ful times with chil­dren and ro­man­tic ren­dezvous. A new flir­ta­tion will thrill you. Re­la­tion­ships with ex­ist­ing part­ners will be warm and ten­der.


(MARCH 21 – APRIL 19) Money, cash flow and earn­ings have your at­ten­tion now. You might spend money on a won­der­ful va­ca­tion; you might also have op­por­tu­ni­ties for fi­nan­cial spec­u­la­tion. Some will spend on home­dec­o­rat­ing projects or play­ful ac­tiv­i­ties with chil­dren, in­clud­ing sports events. All th­ese fun op­tions ne­ces­si­tate care­ful fi­nan­cial choices. “But I want them all!” ■

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