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The world is of­fi­cially watch­ing de­sign­ers Jes­sica Nakan­ishi and Jonathan Sabine of MSDS Stu­dio (which stands for “make shit do shit”). Al­ready hailed as the

next gen­er­a­tion of de­sign (did we men­tion they’re from Toronto?), the duo has been, up un­til now, mostly known for their in­te­ri­ors (like Toronto’s Spin and Shopify HQ). So to live up to their mantra of “make shit,” they just cre­ated a line of Nordic-in­spired fur­ni­ture that in­cludes the very-buzzed-about An­nu­lar Pen­dant (above). They’re al­ready tak­ing or­ders, and the line hasn’t even gone into pro­duc­tion yet.

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