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Haim ini­ti­ates us into the wolf pack; Em­pire’s Grace Gealey shares her back­story; the ul­ti­mate foodie trip to Paris; why ’90s TV is so now; the cock­tail you’ll be drink­ing this Hal­loween; 15 books to read this fall; rom­com queen Nancy Mey­ers talks about her new movie.

ed­i­tor’s pov

Find­ing in­spi­ra­tion is one thing, but turn­ing your in­spi­ra­tion into some­thing tan­gi­ble, some­thing real—well, that’s an­other story. This month, take a page from authors Camilla Gibb, Gre­gory Maguire and Sloane Crosley (pro­filed in our must-reads for fall 2015). Each of these nov­el­ists sent their most re­cent set of char­ac­ters in search not of in­spi­ra­tion it­self but of a story, an ob­ject or a dream. Why? Be­cause, as Maguire notes, “even a dream makes us big­ger.” ALIYAH SHAMSHER


“The en­ergy you give off is the en­ergy you re­ceive. I re­ally think that, so I’m al­ways

my­self—jump­ing, danc­ing, singing around, try­ing to cheer ev­ery­body up.”

– Cara Delev­ingne, who stars in the up­com­ing movie Pan (out Oc­to­ber 9),

on al­ways be­ing your­self

we haim

Cur­rently in the early stages of writ­ing a fol­low-up to Days Are Gone, Grammy-nom­i­nated Haim is mu­sic’s hottest sis­ter act. Fresh off the road from tour­ing, Alana, 23, the baby of the group, called us from her L.A. pad to share se­crets from in­side “the wolf pack.”

The ori­gins of the wolf pack “My oldest sis­ter, Este, is why we be­came so close. She in­tro­duced me and [my sis­ter] Danielle to the L.A. mu­sic scene. They got me my first fake ID so I could go out with them. We’d go to the Echo, the Sil­ver­lake Lounge and the Satel­lite; we were this wolf pack that was al­ways to­gether.” How the wolf pack stays to­gether “You should ask my par­ents how they raised us. They to­tally should write a par­ent­ing book. To this day I’m like, ‘Can you raise my kids? I don’t know what you did to make us love each other so much!’”

Where the wolf pack eats “Ta­cos and bur­ri­tos lit­er­ally fuel our lives. There’s this place [in L.A.] called Taco Zone—it’s like a roach coach and it looks re­ally scary; you won­der if you’re mak­ing the right de­ci­sion, but then you get the ta­cos and you’re like, ‘Com­pletely the right de­ci­sion.’”

What the wolf pack fears “Be­ing charged for a crime that we didn’t com­mit and go­ing to jail is a weird fear that my sis­ters and I have.”

Why the wolf pack is a pow­er­ful force “When all three of us go out to­gether, some­thing crazy is go­ing to hap­pen—some­thing where we think ‘How did we get here?’ We went to the Satur­day Night Live 40th re­union and I didn’t see my sis­ters at the be­gin­ning of the party be­cause we got sep­a­rated, and then the sec­ond we got to­gether, Prince showed up. We’re like a weird witchy wolf pack that con­jured up Prince in a purple cloud.” h

Fam­ily Ties Meet “the wolf

pack,” a.k.a. Haim, 2015’s coolest sis­ter act. Youngest mem­ber Alana

talks to us about grow­ing up in L.A., ta­cos and con­jur­ing

mag­i­cal mo­ments.

Li­cense to Drive. Re­mem­ber L.A. in the ’ 80s? Haim does. But if you need a re­fresher, look to an­other fa­mous Haim— as in Corey Haim and his SoCal clas­sic

Sis­ter, sis­ter! From left: Alana, Danielle and Este Haim

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