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Look for this fast-paced group-work­out class in gyms like Equinox, Toronto’s Track Fit­ness and, if you’re in the U.S., Barry’s Boot­camp.

Tread­mill train­ing keeps you en­gaged. After a 45-minute adrenalin-pump­ing combo of run­ning, in­ter­vals (bursts of speed) and strength train­ing (off the tread­mill), you’ll won­der how you ever sur­vived those sleepy 30-minute jogs. It’s so­cial. “Group train­ing in­creases en­ergy and boosts mo­ti­va­tion,” says Larry Track of Toronto’s Track Fit­ness. It gets the heart pump­ing... for hours. Stud­ies have shown that it takes longer for the body to re­cover after in­ter­vals and strength train­ing, which means you’ll con­tinue to burn calo­ries through­out the day. It will make you harder, bet­ter,

faster, stronger. Most run­ners ne­glect strength train­ing, which can lead to in­juries, says Deb­ora Warner of the Mile High Run Club in New York. In­cor­po­rat­ing squats, ket­tle-bell train­ing and other mus­cle work im­proves bal­ance and sta­bil­ity. The more sta­ble your joints are, the faster and more pow­er­ful your pace will be.

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