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Eminem was right when he said that we lose our­selves in the mu­sic. Costas Kara­georghis, a sports psy­chol­o­gist from Brunel Univer­sity Lon­don, says that plug­ging in while jog­ging can make you feel like you’re ex­ert­ing up to 12 per­cent less ef­fort than you ac­tu­ally are. (It’s thought that mu­sic stim­u­lates the plea­sure ar­eas of the brain.) If you sync your stride with your playlist, you might run even faster. One step = one beat. The av­er­age run­ner takes 140 to 175 steps per minute, so look for songs with the same beats per minute (BPM).

The DIY way Google a song ti­tle with “BPM” and the BPM should ap­pear in the search re­sults. Pick tracks with a BPM of 140 to 175 and—voila!—you’ve made your playlist. (Note: If slow jams with a BPM of 70 to 85 get you go­ing, time your steps to hit half-beats.)

slacker- STYLE Mu­sic-stream­ing ser­vice Spo­tify re­cently in­tro­duced a run­ning stream that de­tects your pace and picks mu­sic that matches your tempo. Sav­ing up for a new pair of run­ning kicks? Try Po­drun­ner, the sim­i­lar-but-free ver­sion.

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