One-third of us will toss aside our wearable de­vices af­ter six months. Here’s how to en­sure that this ac­ces­sory is al­ways in style.

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1. Don’t for­get it. In­stead of leav­ing it in a drawer, stash it near your cell, says tech ex­pert Kieran Al­ger. “When was the last time you left the house with­out your phone?” Point taken. 2. Wear it on your non­dom­i­nant wrist. Re­search shows that this changeup yields more ac­cu­rate re­sults be­cause we move our dom­i­nant arm more. (In our non-sci­en­tific opin­ion, you might mis­take it for your watch and look at it more, which will re­mind you to get mov­ing.) 3. Think small. It’s easy to roll your eyes at your tracker when it re­minds you that you haven’t logged 10,000 steps. Set mi­cro-goals, such as 3,000 steps at lunch, says

Al­ger. 4. Try an app. Nike+, En­domondo and Strava are com­pat­i­ble with most track­ers. We also like MyFit­nessPal, which records meals. 5. Sync up

with friends. “If we rely only on willpower, it’s a tough bat­tle,” says Dave Smith, a weight-loss coach based in Kitch­ener, Ont. “There’s noth­ing like get­ting a photo from a friend who has beaten a tar­get that

you set to get you go­ing,” adds Al­ger.

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