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(NOV. 22 – DEC. 21)

With the Sun in your sign now, it’s your turn to recharge your bat­ter­ies for the rest of the year. You will at­tract peo­ple and favourable cir­cum­stances. Nev­er­the­less, diplo­macy with a friend will be nec­es­sary be­cause some kind of stand­off may take place. The rip­ple ef­fect reaches ro­mance, va­ca­tion plans

or your re­la­tion­ship with kids.


(DEC. 22 – JAN. 19)

You’ll en­joy schmooz­ing with oth­ers this month, but you’ll be go­ing be­hind the scenes a lot too. How­ever, re­la­tions with a boss, a par­ent or an author­ity fig­ure will get to the point where you in­sist on mak­ing a stand. From your per­spec­tive, you are strik­ing a blow for free­dom. It’s nec­es­sary to do this now be­cause,

in many ways, you’re mov­ing on.


(JAN. 20 – FEB. 18)

En­joy in­creased pop­u­lar­ity this month.

Re­la­tions with bosses and author­ity fig­ures are also cozy, even to the point of ro­mance. How­ever, travel plans may be in­ter­rupted or can­celled. Like­wise, ar­gu­ments with oth­ers about pol­i­tics or re­li­gion might arise. Don’t let this tem­po­rary dark cloud

dampen your spir­its.


(FEB. 19 – MARCH 20)

You are high-viz this month, and peo­ple ad­mire you. Use this to your ad­van­tage if you want to push your own agenda. How­ever, dis­putes re­gard­ing shared prop­erty, in­her­i­tances and debt will re­quire your un­der­stand­ing and em­pa­thy. For­tu­nately, re­la­tions with close friends and part­ners have never been more sup­port­ive. Try to travel for plea­sure.


(MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

This month, two strong in­flu­ences are at play—and one might feed the other. You want free­dom! You yearn to get away from it all, es­pe­cially through travel. But this drive for in­de­pen­dence could trig­ger prob­lems with author­ity fig­ures, spouses or part­ners. It’s im­por­tant for you to ex­pand your bound­aries, but tread care­fully.


(APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

A power strug­gle (per­haps in the ar­eas of pub­lish­ing, medicine or the law) will oc­cur at the be­gin­ning of the month. This might be why you’re fo­cused on shared prop­erty, bud­gets, in­her­i­tances, debt and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to oth­ers. Some­thing un­ex­pected will hap­pen at work, but one thing is cer­tain:

You want to call the shots.


(MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

Sur­prises and upsets with kids, sports, va­ca­tions and ro­man­tic partnerships are likely. You need pa­tience deal­ing with oth­ers be­cause, in truth, you’re tired. You need more sleep now be­cause the Sun, your source of en­ergy,

is as far away from your sign as it gets all year. Catch some ex­tra zees. For­tu­nately, work flows swim­mingly.


(JUNE 21 – JULY 22)

You’re busy! Which is why you’re do­ing every­thing in your power to be pro­duc­tive. This is no sur­prise, since you’re deal­ing with chaos and crazy ac­tiv­ity at home; but you can han­dle it, along with con­flicts with part­ners and author­ity fig­ures. Your fun-lov­ing at­ti­tude and pos­i­tive style of

com­mu­ni­cat­ing will save the day.


(JULY 23 – AUG. 22)

The last month of the year is such a playful time for you! Go out in full daz­zle to en­joy so­cial events, par­ties, ro­man­tic

dates and playful times with young peo­ple. Life on the home front is good, and you’re re­dec­o­rat­ing. (Love it.) Be tol­er­ant and pa­tient with sib­lings and rel­a­tives be­cause cre­ative change, sur

prises and even re­volt are in the air.


(AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22)

The de­mands of this month make you want to co­coon at home. And that’s fine; in fact, it’s wise. Home and

fam­ily are a strong fo­cus, and daily in­ter­ac­tions with sib­lings are warm and sup­port­ive. But be pre­pared for some­thing un­usual with your job, earn­ings or cash flow. Guard against im­pul­sive

pur­chases you might later re­gret.


(SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22)

This is a busy month. Short trips, er­rands and con­ver­sa­tions as well as in­creased read­ing and writ­ing make de­mands on your time. For­tu­nately, with fiery Mars in your sign, you’re burst­ing with en­ergy. How­ever, power strug­gles with part­ners and close friends are likely. Use your Li­bran charm and diplo­macy to smooth trou­bled wa­ters.


(OCT. 23 – NOV. 21)

This month is all about money, earn­ings, cash flow and your val­ues—not sur­pris­ing, given the time of year. Plus, with Venus in your sign, it’s the per­fect

time to buy wardrobe trea­sures for your­self. How­ever, some­thing be­hind

the scenes will cause change. No wor­ries. By na­ture, you are strong and

or­ga­nized—you can han­dle this. n

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