Three in­spi­ra­tional reads to get your thoughts head­ing in their bold­est, big­gest di­rec­tion.

ELLE (Canada) - - Special -

Grat­i­tude by Oliver Sacks

Joy­ous med­i­ta­tions on a life well lived writ­ten by this world-renowned physi­cian in the months be­fore his death.

Pres­ence by Amy Cuddy

A sci­en­tific ap­proach to beat­ing fear and anx­i­ety (body lan­guage mat­ters, peo­ple) from a TED guru.

I Know What I’m Do­ing (And Other Lies I Tell My­self) by Jen Kirk­man

Hi­lar­i­ous tales of a “life un­der con­struc­tion” for those days when you re­al­ize you have no idea how to be a grown-up. (P.S. No­body does.) h

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