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Could eat­ing lots of car­rots make you more at­trac­tive? Sci­ence says yes! A study pub­lished in the jour­nal PLOS ONE found a link be­tween eat­ing carotenoids (found in fruit and veg­eta­bles like ba­nanas and corn as well as car­rots) and an in­creased or­ange tinge to the skin (think less Tan Mom, more sun-kissed glow), which re­searchers then de­ter­mined made the study par­tic­i­pants look health­ier and more at­trac­tive. They even fig­ured out how many por­tions a day you should eat over a six-week pe­riod for max­i­mum glow: 3.3 serv­ings a day, or 1½ cups of car­rots in your morn­ing green juice.

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