A pale per­son’s guide to sur­viv­ing sum­mer.

How to style out your heat rash for sum­mer.

ELLE (Canada) - - #Storyboard - By Mon­ica Heisey

Ahhh, sum­mer. We’re well and truly into it now. It’s here, and it has brought all of its friends—san­gria-soaked pa­tios, long week­ends at the cot­tage, ex­pen­sive swimwear you can’t ac­tu­ally get wet—with it. The joys of this sea­son are ob­vi­ous and many, but none are as dear to me as my per­pet­ual sum­mer com­pan­ion: heat rash.

A gin­ger In­door Kid, I be­came fa­mil­iar with heat rash (and its gen­tler cousin, sun­burn, and its less-gen­tle cousin, ex­treme sun­burn) at a young age. Now I know that if I plan to be out­doors for more than 30 min­utes, I should also plan for heat rash. And plan I shall. In the past, this in­cluded Grey Gar­dens- style full-cov­er­age out­fits and scarves, ex­pen­sive po­tions, creams and unguents and at­tempt­ing to make “recluse” a cute vibe. No more. I will not hide from who I am: a woman who can’t be out in the sun. If you are prone to In­door Kid mal­adies, like grass al­ler­gies, sun sen­si­tiv­ity or gluten in­tol­er­ance, know this: This is our sum­mer. Here’s how to style out your blotchy red shoul­ders, neck and nose: Colour Block, Face- First Talk about a life hack: Spend a few pleas­ant hours en­gaged in an out­door ac­tiv­ity and your sea­sonal “pop of colour” is taken care of. What’s navy and white and red all over? You giv­ing Tay­lor Swift’s vin­tage-y nau­ti­cal sum­mer style a run for its money in some cute navy shorts, a white but­ton-down shirt and a puffy red vis­age. Pair this with a red hair­band for a look that says “Trust me, this is in­ten­tional.” Very chic. “Ex­treme Strob­ing” with Aloe Vera Every­one knows that strob­ing (strate­gi­cally high­light­ing ar­eas of the face) is the new con­tour­ing. It’s a lighter, dewy look for sum­mer that em­pha­sizes shim­mer and shine on the cheek­bones, bridge of the nose, Cu­pid’s bow and brow arch. Sure, this is typ­i­cally done with a high­light­ing prod­uct, but who’s to say you can’t achieve a thicker, goop­ier ver­sion of the same look with sooth­ing aloe vera from a tube you keep in your purse? If any­one asks, tell them you are very or­ganic these days and re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate “na­ture’s high­light.”

Colour- co­or­di­nate with your chub rub

Just be­cause your face, arms and dé­col­leté are red, in­flamed and sore doesn’t mean the rest of your body can’t be! Your thighs will be keen to get in on the rash-based fun. The painful rash of their dreams is only a trip to the beach away: Sim­ply take a dip in the lake, ocean or pad­dling pool, roll around in the sand and then pop on your jean shorts be­fore you’ve fully dried. Take a long walk on the board­walk (or in cir­cles in your back­yard) and—voila!—you’ve got an­gry, itchy chub rub to pair with your sun­burn. Rebrand Is it a heat rash, or is it a “warm glow”? Are you peel­ing from a sec­ond-de­gree sun­burn or en­joy­ing the ex­fo­li­at­ing ef­fects of a spa-grade Ozone Peel? Are you an­gry-red or sun-kissed? The only thing hold­ing you and your sting­ing clav­i­cles back is your vo­cab­u­lary. The world’s your oys­ter, In­door Kids. Now get out there!* n * Care­fully! Wear sun­screen!

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