Sk­in­care se­crets from the sea.

Beauty that hails from un­der the sea.

ELLE (Canada) - - #Storyboard - By Carli Whitwell

if (only) life were a con­tin­ual episode of Bay­watch, we all might have fewer frown lines. New re­search from Michi­gan State Univer­sity sug­gests that just look­ing at the ocean can make peo­ple less stressed. (In­sert jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for scam­ming an in­vite to a friend’s beach house here.)

Sea water has more than just vis­ual ben­e­fits; it can make your skin bet­ter too. Ac­cord­ing to Bio­therm sci­en­tists, plank­ton, al­gae and other un­der­wa­ter or­gan­isms are our ge­netic kin, which means our skin cells re­spond to them much like the Bey­hive to a sur­prise al­bum drop. “[These are] mi­cro-or­gan­isms that sur­vive and even thrive in im­pos­si­ble con­di­tions,” says Elisa Si­mon­pietri, sci­en­tific direc­tor for Bio­therm In­ter­na­tional. “They are ca­pa­ble of cre­at­ing light in to­tal dark­ness, re­gen­er­at­ing at light­ning speed and pu­ri­fy­ing the most toxic pol­lu­tants.”

How do in­gre­di­ents like al­gae and plank­ton help the skin? Dr. Ju­lia Car­roll of Com­pass Der­ma­tol­ogy in Toronto says that cer­tain types of al­gae can in­hibit en­zymes known as “ma­trix met­al­lo­pro­teinases” (MMPs). “By in­hibit­ing these en­zymes, you can pre­vent degra­da­tion of the skin’s col­la­gen—and pre­vent skin dam­age caused by the pol­lu­tion and sun,” she ex­plains.

Life plank­ton, one of Bio­therm’s hero in­gre­di­ents, is sourced from hot springs in the French Pyre­nees and is a restora­tive anti-pol­lu­tant that boosts the pro­duc­tion of fi­brob­lasts (our col­la­gen-build­ing skin cells). You’ll find it in the hy­drat­ing Life Plank­ton Mask ($60), a leave-on cool­ing gel, and the new Won­der Mud ($60), a detox­i­fy­ing clay mask en­riched with glyc­er­ine, the an­tiox­i­dant al­gae as­tax­an­thin and ex­fo­li­at­ing apri­cot grains. Whipped into a mousse (so it won’t harden or crack on the face), it works in three min­utes. That’s about enough time to pack a tote and beep Mitch Buchan­non and the gang to meet you at the beach. n

A fo­cus for Bio­therm is to har­ness oceanic or­gan­isms re­spon­si­bly. The com­pany’s phi­los­o­phy is based on sus­tain­ably sourc­ing—or recre­at­ing in a lab—ac­tive in­gre­di­ents from bod­ies of water around the world. For de­tails, see Shop­ping Guide.

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