8 truths that will make the kilo­me­tres eas­ier

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1. The first 10 min­utes of your run might never feel good to you be­cause it takes the body about 20 min­utes to fully warm up. 2. ...but the run­ners high does exist (for some). In­tense ex­er­cise in­creases opi­oid lev­els and other re­cep­tors in the brain, says per­sonal trainer An­drew Gins­burg. 3. Your core can make a big dif­fer­ence—and not just dur­ing bathing-suit sea­son. Strong abs will pre­vent the body from col­laps­ing as you fa­tigue, which makes breath­ing more dif­fi­cult. 4. You should change your shoes ev­ery 800 kilo­me­tres. This is one time you shouldn’t feel guilty about splurg­ing on shoes. If they’re worn out, your run will be harder. 5. A cup of cof­fee up to 30 min­utes be­fore your run can make you faster. “Caf­feine helps mo­bi­lize some of the fatty acids in the body and im­prove how well it can pro­duce en­ergy,” says Cur­ley. Warn­ing: Don’t at­tempt this for the first time on race day. 6. A good sports bra is ev­ery­thing. The fit de­pends on three things: cup size (if it’s wrin­kling, it’s too small and can chafe), straps (you should be able to fit two fin­gers com­fort­ably un­der these) and band (the bot­tom of the bra gives you the sup­port, so you want it to be tighter than your typ­i­cal lin­gerie). 7. So is wa­ter. As lit­tle as a 2-per­cent wa­ter loss can af­fect your run. 8. A mantra is corny but key. Say­ing things like “strong, fast, fluid” or even “I get a scoop of mint choco­late chip at the end of this” can help you get through the tough­est parts of the run. n

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