What you need to know about Arkells’ new al­bum, Morn­ingre­port, Straight from the Hamil­ton, Ont., rock band’s lead singer, Max ker­man.

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1. They ap­proached the al­bum “like if Kanye West were to pro­duce an

El­ton John record.” “What does that mean? The chal­lenge of a rock ’n’ roll band in 2016 is to make shit sound fresh, be­cause I think a lot of rock ’n’ roll has be­come pretty re­dun­dant. The in­no­va­tive gen­res are elec­tronic, hip hop and pop mu­sic, and we take from all those things to cre­ate these songs.” 2. They didn’t make the record bar­ri­caded in a shack in the mid­dle

of nowhere. “I don’t like be­ing holed up for a month; I’d go fuck­ing nuts. I don’t like be­ing in the stu­dio that much to be­gin with. I like lis­ten­ing to what we’ve done in the stu­dio and be­ing re­ally proud of my­self; I just don’t like the ac­tual te­dious part. I do one take and I’m like, ‘Is that good enough?’ We did two songs in Septem­ber, five songs in late Oc­to­ber and then an­other five in De­cem­ber—all with dif­fer­ent pro­duc­ers—and then we got one guy to mix every­thing.” 3. Max ate a freezie dur­ing this in­ter­view. This is im­por­tant be­cause he will­ingly chose the red flavour, which, well, speaks vol­umes. 4. There’s a Drake con­nec­tion. “My favourite song we’ve ever writ­ten is called ‘Drake’s Dad.’ It’s based on a true story about a bach­e­lor party we were at in Mem­phis. We were very drunk, and we met Drake’s dad in a bar. He was re­ally nice to us. We ac­tu­ally just shot the mu­sic video for the song, and he’s in it.”

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