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How to find a sports bra that fits.

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Devin Brug­man used to need to wear three sports bras to get through a work­out. (She’s a 32DDD.) “The only op­tions were th­ese ma­ter­nity-style har­ness bras or slim, sexy types,” says Brug­man, the co-founder of the A Bikini a Day In­sta­gram and web­site. (Yes, she and bestie Natasha Oak­ley pose in swimwear ev­ery day; no, they are not in­sane.) So she de­signed her own bra, the “Devin,” for her Mon­day Ac­tive sports­wear line. Here are her non-ne­go­tiables:

Sup­port We need this so our breasts stay in place and be­cause it pre­vents the stretch­ing of the Cooper’s lig­a­ments—the con­nec­tive tis­sue in the breasts. (Stretch­ing = sag­ging.) “Eighty per­cent of the strength and sup­port of the bra is in the band,” says Je­nine LaFayette of Brooks Run­ning Canada. “It’s like the foun­da­tion of a house.” (The band should be tighter than your typ­i­cal bra, so you may need to go down a size.) Cov­er­age If the cup is wrin­kling, it’s too small and can chafe. Make sure it sits smoothly over the breasts. Com­fort Run in place, squat or do your best Brit­ney Spears im­pres­sion while try­ing on the bra in the change room. If it’s even the slight­est bit pinchy, walk away.

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