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ELLE (Canada) - - In­sider - SARAH LAING

We live in a time of far too much lo­cal­ly­made-by-su­per­cool-peo­ple bounty for you to be show­ing up at any­one’s door this year with regifted wine. But if you must do it, at least put it in a cheeky bag. (See right.) My gift to you, dear reader, is this of­fer­ing of mem­orable to­kens, all made in Canada and all guar­an­teed to get you in­vited over and over again.

1. Candle, Wood­lot ($36, shop­wood­lot.com). 2. Gum­mies, Squish ($25, squish­can­dies.com). 3. Stain­less-steel flasks, Drake Gen­eral Store ($22 each, drakegen­er­al­store.ca). 4. Wine bag, F as in Frank Paper­goods ($8, frankpa­per­goods. com). 5. Choco­lates, CXBO ($40.50, cxbo.ca). 6. Or­na­ments, Drake Gen­eral Store ($12 each, drakegen­er­al­store.ca).

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