A block­buster look at what the stars hold for you this year. Spoiler: It’s go­ing to be a good one!

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CAPRICORN Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

CA­REER CA­REER: This Since year 2015, is a turn­ing you’ve given point. up Since places ,2015, peo­ple, you’ ve posses-given si ons, up places, jobs peo­ple, and per­haps pos­ses­sions, a coun­try. jobs You and dis­man­tled per­haps a much coun­try. of what You you have cre­ated dis­man­tled since much 2003. of Now what it’ s you time cre­ated to blaze since a new 2003. trail. Now Ex­pect it’ s to time en­counter to blaze a anew new job, trail. a new Ex­pect lo­ca­tion to en­counter ora new a sand­box. new job, Peo­ple a new will lo­ca­tion help or you—anew you sand box. just have Peo­ple to ask. will help RE­LA­TION­SHIPS: you—you just have This to ask. will RE­LA­TION­SHIPS be one of the most pop­u­lar This will years be one you’ ve of the had most in pop­u­lar over a decade. years you’ ve Ev­ery­one had in wants over a to decade. be on your Ev­ery­one team. wants Your to re­la­tion­ships be on your will team. ben­e­fit Your re­la­tion­ships you this year. will Be ben­e­fit open to you. peo­ple Be open who to are peo­ple dif­fer­ent. who 2018 are dif­fer­ent. MANTRA :2018“I MANTRA flow eas­ily with “If low the new eas­ily ex­pe­ri­ences with the new an­d­ex­pe­ri­ences peo­ple and who peo­ple en­ter who my en­ter life .” my life .”

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

CA­REER You couldn’t pick a bet­ter year to start plan­ning a busi­ness part­ner­ship be­cause 2018 is ba­si­cally a time of prepa­ra­tion. It’s a year to hone your skills to help you get per­for­mance-ready for 2021. Take cour­ses, do some train­ing or travel to en­hance your­self for this loom­ing ca­reer peak. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS This is the best year for con­nec­tions for Taurus since 2006. And this same bless­ing will not re­turn again for your sign un­til 2030. Com­mit­ted re­la­tion­ships are your ma­jor bless­ing in 2018. This is also a fab­u­lous year for Taurus to get mar­ried. 2018 MANTRA

“Part­ner­ships will bless me this year.”

AQUARIUS Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

CA­REER This is an amaz­ing year for you at work. Ex­pect pro­mo­tions, ku­dos, ac­knowl­edge­ments, praise and mar­vel­lous op­por­tu­ni­ties to boost your rep­u­ta­tion in the eyes of your peers. Many will have work-re­lated travel. Start to think big be­cause it’s your turn to put your name up in lights. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS This is the only time be­tween 2006 and 2030 that Jupiter is at the top of your chart for a year. This makes you look suc­cess­ful and af­flu­ent. Peo­ple will ad­mire you. New love is pos­si­ble. How­ever, some of you will also start to let go of re­la­tion­ships that aren’t work­ing.

2018 MANTRA “I wel­come suc­cess as I let go of the past.”

GEM­INI May 21 – June 20

CA­REER This is the best year since 2006 to im­prove your cur­rent job or get a bet­ter one. Ei­ther way, the re­sult will be that you have greater ca­reer sat­is­fac­tion. If you think you can’t im­prove your cur­rent sit­u­a­tion, start look­ing else­where. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS This year, your part­ner­ships will im­prove be­cause you feel health­ier and hap­pier. You are more con­fi­dent be­cause of the job suc­cess that will come your way—and these qual­i­ties make you more at­trac­tive to ev­ery­one. When you look good and you feel good, you are good. Let na­ture take its course. 2018 MANTRA

“Op­por­tu­ni­ties are ev­ery­where!”

PISCES Feb. 19 – March 20

CA­REER This year, you will pre­pare for next year’s suc­cess. Get train­ing or ed­u­ca­tion to im­prove your job op­por­tu­ni­ties. Travel to en­rich your life. Do what­ever you can to take ad­van­tage of the op­por­tu­ni­ties that come your way when Jupiter moves to the top of your chart in Novem­ber. Af­ter that, ex­pect pro­mo­tions in 2019.

RE­LA­TION­SHIPS You will be at­tracted to peo­ple who are dif­fer­ent. Like­wise, they will be at­tracted to you. Ex­ist­ing part­ner­ships will be en­riched through travel or tak­ing a course to­gether be­cause you want to broaden your hori­zons. 2018 MANTRA

“I wel­come op­por­tu­ni­ties to learn and grow.”

CAN­CER June 21 – July 22

CA­REER Be­tween 2003 and 2010, you rein­vented your­self. Since then, you have been se­cur­ing your home base and work­ing, which has tested you as a hu­man be­ing. But this year is your de­but. Your hard work will be ac­knowl­edged. It’s time to claim your credit. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS This area will be a mixed bag. Com­mit­ted part­ner­ships will be de­mand­ing; as the re­wards for your work em­power you, they might also change the dy­namic of a re­la­tion­ship. Ex­pect some chal­lenges. But, iron­i­cally, this is a won­der­ful year for new love. 2018 MANTRA “I am free

to be who I re­ally am.”

ARIES March 21 – April 19

CA­REER Your time of har­vest has ar­rived! (We’re talk­ing a 30year cy­cle­, so this is se­ri­ous.) Ex­pect ku­dos, awards, pro­mo­tions and the fruit of the seeds that you have been plant­ing since 2003 but es­pe­cially since 2010. Ig­nore fail­ure. Fo­cus on what works. This is your year to shine. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS It’s a cliché, but it’s true: Noth­ing is as sexy as suc­cess. And be­cause you are en­ter­ing a ca­reer peak that can oc­cur only once ev­ery three decades, you will be very ap­peal­ing to oth­ers. Cur­rent part­ners will ad­mire you more. Sin­gles might be mobbed! 2018 MANTRA “I

de­serve my suc­cess be­cause I worked for it.”

LEO July 23 – Aug. 22

CA­REER You can make money from real es­tate this year. How­ever, this will be a hard-work­ing 12 months. It’s as if you have to prove to oth­ers, as well as to your­self, what you can re­ally do. Even if you feel over­whelmed at times, keep work­ing be­cause your ef­forts will be re­warded in 2021. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS Ex­ist­ing part­ner­ships will flower be­cause all fam­ily re­la­tion­ships are blessed in 2018. Peo­ple will be upbeat, op­ti­mistic and mu­tu­ally gen­er­ous with one another. New ro­mance might blos­som through an in­tro­duc­tion by a fam­ily mem­ber. 2018 MANTRA “I am

cre­at­ing my dream home this year.”

VIRGO Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

CA­REER This is a year of growth and op­ti­mism be­cause you’re ready to think big. Life seems to flow eas­ily. Re­la­tion­ships with bosses and VIPs will ben­e­fit you. It’s also a good time for fi­nan­cial ne­go­ti­a­tions. How­ever, be con­ser­va­tive when in­vest­ing in the en­ter­tain­ment and hos­pi­tal­ity in­dus­tries. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS Be­cause you are more re­laxed and easy­go­ing this year, all your re­la­tion­ships will im­prove. You will find it easy to be pa­tient, for­giv­ing and tol­er­ant. These qual­i­ties, plus your in­creased en­thu­si­asm for life, will make you ap­peal­ing and adorable to oth­ers. 2018

MANTRA “I am lov­ing and lov­able.”

SCORPIO Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

CA­REER This is set to be one of your best years yet be­cause lucky Jupiter is in your sign for the first time since 2006—and it will not re­turn again un­til 2030. All doors will open for you. You will feel strong, for­tu­nate and con­tent. Be care­ful of ex­trav­a­gance, es­pe­cially in in­vest­ments. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS This is a fab­u­lous year for your per­sonal life be­cause the sign on your House of Mar­riage is ripe to com­mit. Fur­ther­more, again be­cause of lucky Jupiter, you are re­laxed, easy­go­ing and upbeat—a mag­net for any­one who catches your eye. 2018 MANTRA “I love who I

am, and I ap­pre­ci­ate what I have.”

LI­BRA Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

CA­REER This year, your fo­cus is to so­lid­ify your home base. Since 2012, you’ve been rein­vent­ing your­self: You know who you are and what you want. And, in the next 12 months, there will be a turn­ing point when you start to climb to­ward a fu­ture ca­reer peak. Your earn­ings will in­crease, which will help you at­tain your dreams. RE­LA­TION­SHIPS In 2018, you will be se­ri­ous about re­la­tion­ships. Be­cause you’re com­mit­ted to for­ti­fy­ing your home, you want a part­ner who sup­ports this. Nev­er­the­less, with in­creased earn­ings this year, you will still party and play! 2018 MANTRA

“I am grate­ful to be able to in­crease my wealth.”

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

CA­REER Get ready to work hard. You also want to dis­cover what you re­ally value. Main­tain a pos­i­tive mind­set be­cause op­ti­mism and phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity are key to sur­vival for you. Or­ga­nize your fi­nances, and then for­get about them. Lucky Jupiter en­ters your sign in Novem­ber, so there are good times ahead! RE­LA­TION­SHIPS You want to ex­plore spir­i­tu­al­ity and deeper, philo­soph­i­cal ques­tions. Peo­ple who are do­ing this will at­tract you and vice versa. It’s im­por­tant that you re­late to peo­ple who are pre­pared to ex­am­ine their own lives. 2018 MANTRA “No mat­ter what I do

phys­i­cally, my true strength comes from within.”

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