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( APRIL 20 – MA Y 20)

You are em­pow­ered right now and have lots of op­por­tu­ni­ties be­cause bosses and au­thor­ity fig­ures ad­mire you. Ob­vi­ously, this is your month to act. Do what­ever you can to ad­vance your agenda. Mars in your Eighth House am­pli­fies your sex drive, but it also in­tro­duces dis­putes about shared prop­erty.

( JULY 23 – A UG. 22)

Fe­bru­ary is a pow­er­ful, ro­man­tic month for you—your sex drive is su­per-pumped. Your fo­cus will be on part­ner­ships and friend­ships be­cause they will be warm and sup­port­ive. Some­one younger might also get into the pic­ture. This is a good time to dis­cuss re­la­tion­ships and work in or­der to en­hance and im­prove them.

( OCT. 23 – NOV. 21)

This is a good month to pull in your en­ergy and hun­ker down at home. Fo­cus on re­dec­o­rat­ing or do­ing re­pair projects; make things pretty. You might in­ter­act with a par­ent more than usual, and fam­ily dis­cus­sions will take place. Mean­while, you’re work­ing hard to earn your money and, frankly, you’re work­ing just as hard to spend it.

( JAN. 20 – FEB. 1 8)

Happy Birth­day! You are blessed this month, and every­one is at­tracted to you. It’s the per­fect time to up­date your wardrobe be­cause you’re con­fi­dent and at­trac­tive. You are also ac­tive with friends and groups, per­haps even in com­pe­ti­tion with oth­ers. Bonus: Jupiter at the top of your chart makes you look like a win­ner to bosses and VIPs.

( FEB. 19 – MARCH 20)

This month, two dif­fer­ent in­flu­ences are at play for you. In one way, you’re feel­ing low-key, which is why you want to work alone or be­hind the scenes. (You might also be hav­ing a se­cret love af­fair.) At the same time, your am­bi­tion is aroused. And it’s a great time to do re­search, which is why some se­crets might be re­vealed.

( MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

You’re ea­ger to travel and learn some­thing new be­cause you want to ex­pand your hori­zons. Yes, you want more out of life. A ro­mance with some­one un­ex­pected might be­gin. Mean­while, ex­ist­ing part­ner­ships are a bit touchy be­cause Mars is op­po­site your sign, and this means you’re eas­ily an­noyed. Pa­tience is your best ally.

( AUG. 23 – SEPT . 22)

You want to pull it together both at work and at home this month. You can do this! You will set high stan­dards for your­self at the of­fice, and you will also be very hands-on. Small won­der, then, that you re­ceive praise and maybe a raise. There’s also lots of ac­tion at home but per­haps ten­sion too. Easy does it.

( NOV. 22 – DEC. 2 1)

With Mars in your sign, you are gung-ho and en­er­getic. That’s why this is a busy, fast-paced month full of short trips. You’ve got things to do, places to go and peo­ple to see! It’s a strong time for those in sales, mar­ket­ing, teach­ing, writ­ing and act­ing. You’re so per­sua­sive you could sell the Brook­lyn Bridge to any­one.

( MARCH 21 – APRIL 1 9)

Fe­bru­ary is a fun-lov­ing, ex­cit­ing time for you. You’re pop­u­lar, and you want to travel and ex­plore the world. If you can’t, learn some­thing new and stim­u­lat­ing be­cause this will be quite grat­i­fy­ing. Go back to school or take a course. Fear not be­cause sup­port from oth­ers will help you do what you want to do.

( JUNE 21 – JULY 22)

This is a pas­sion­ate, sexy, in­tense month. (Ro­mances will be es­pe­cially mem­o­rable.) You’re also work­ing hard—you want to clear up loose de­tails with in­her­i­tances, shared prop­erty and debt. Don’t be de­mand­ing of oth­ers at work— they might not have your mo­ti­va­tion. You’re very fo­cused on be­ing the best that you can be.

( SEPT. 23 – OCT . 22)

This is a play­ful, ro­man­tic month for you. If you can’t take a long va­ca­tion, then get away for a fun week­end es­cape. Love will flour­ish. You will also en­joy the arts, sports events and so­cial ac­tiv­i­ties. Play­time with chil­dren will be pos­i­tive. Mean­while, your in­tel­lec­tual abil­i­ties are su­per­sharp and fo­cused. Grab the ba­ton and run.

( DEC. 22 – JAN. 1 9)

You are a per­fec­tion­ist and am­bi­tious. This month, your fo­cus is on your bank balance— you’re full of money-mak­ing ideas. (Ad­mit­tedly, you’re also spend­ing on trea­sures for your­self and loved ones. You can’t re­sist la­bels and high­qual­ity items.) Se­cret love af­fairs are in store for some. Your pop­u­lar­ity con­tin­ues to soar.

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