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When choos­ing a mois­tur­izer, we’re as crit­i­cal as Goldilocks com­plain­ing about the tem­per­a­ture of her por­ridge: We scru­tinize in­gre­di­ent lists and de­bate with strangers on beauty sub­red­dits in the hope of find­ing our own Holy Grail for­mu­la­tion. Proc­ter & Gam­ble is lis­ten­ing. Af­ter con­duct­ing a sur­vey of 1,750 women and comb­ing through the re­sponses on its Olay Skin Ad­vi­sor app, the brand dis­cov­ered that nearly half of the women were un­happy with their mois­tur­izer. Women want light hy­dra­tion with pow­er­ful anti-aging in­gre­di­ents and no sticky feel. Ba­si­cally, they want it all. (And why shouldn’t they?) Tra­di­tional emul­sions are heavy, but “they cre­ate a film that helps drive in­gre­di­ents into the skin,” ex­plains Dr. Frauke Neuser, prin­ci­pal sci­en­tist for Olay. For any­one re­pelled by that “coated” feel­ing, there’s the new Olay Whip ($40), which is avail­able in the Lu­mi­nous, Re­gener­ist and To­tal Ef­fects lines. The light­weight creamto-liq­uid for­mula con­tains a net­work of bub­bles (mi­cro sponges, ac­tu­ally) that break open when they hit the salt in your skin, in­stantly re­leas­ing niaci­namide and other ac­tives to flash-pen­e­trate and hy­drate with­out that sticky feel­ing. And, like that good friend who stays af­ter a party to help you clean up, the “lit­tle mi­cro sponges re­main on your skin ab­sorb­ing se­bum and sweat,” says Neuser. Which means you’re left with that glowy-but-never-shiny look that you had as a tween but took for granted.

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