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FRENCH PODIATRIST Bastien Gon­za­lez would pre­fer that we skip over the part of the story where I tell you about his jet-set­ting life­style and nu­mer­ous high-pro­file clients. There’s no point in men­tion­ing that he has been trav­el­ling from his cur­rent home base in Dubai to Lon­don, New York and then back to Lon­don 10 days a month for over two decades to give what he calls a “true pedi­cure”—a wa­ter-and-pol­ish-free treat­ment fo­cused solely on car­ing for feet from a med­i­cal, rather than a purely aes­thetic, per­spec­tive—to the likes of Naomi Camp­bell and Robert DeNiro, who are both long-time cus­tomers. Be­cause even if you were a celebrity or roy­alty, you wouldn’t get in to see him—he hasn’t ac­cepted any new clients in years. It’s why he is plac­ing a re­newed em­pha­sis on Révérence de Bastien, his line of foot and nail care, and spread­ing his gospel of foot health, the lat­ter of which is thus: 1. Thou shalt re­spect thy cu­ti­cles. “The cu­ti­cle is like a door. If you push or cut the cu­ti­cle, it cre­ates in­flam­ma­tion and al­lows bac­te­ria to en­ter,” Gon­za­lez tells me dur­ing a rare stop at Toronto’s Holt Ren­frew, which car­ries his line. Leave them be, and treat nails daily with a hy­drat­ing for­mula, like his mask (be­low). 2. Mas­sage is crit­i­cal. It’s the most im­por­tant step of his treat­ment and some­thing you can—and should— do at home, nightly. “The foot starts at your toes and ends mid-calf,” he tells me. Mas­sage the fatty cush­ions on the balls of your feet to re­plump them, and rub your arches in an up­ward mo­tion, to­ward the heart. 3. Dry your nails in­di­vid­u­ally with a towel after you get out of the shower. (I protest, but Gon­za­lez tells me that this will pre­vent wa­ter from dry­ing out nails and cu­ti­cles.) In his treat­ment, nails are buffed with di­a­mond-dust-topped drills, but a sim­i­lar glossy sheen can be achieved at home with his chamois-leather tool. Note: If you don’t al­ready have a stand­ing ap­point­ment with Gon­za­lez, all is not lost. You can get the next best thing: an ap­point­ment with one of his metic­u­lously hired and trained staff, who op­er­ate out of the lux­ury One&Only re­sorts world­wide.

Révérence de Bastien Unguent For Nails and Cu­ti­cles ($32). For de­tails, see Shop­ping Guide.

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