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Brecher says em­brac­ing a Kimmy Sch­midt ap­proach to life—even if you are more of a Dwight Schrute—can be a men­tal game changer. “When some­thing good hap­pens, ask your­self ‘What role did I play in mak­ing this hap­pen?’ Give your­self a lit­tle credit. ‘How can I make this per­ma­nent? And what can I do to have this spill over to other as­pects of my life?’ When some­thing bad hap­pens, peo­ple tend to be way more likely to take re­spon­si­bil­ity for what went wrong. So, ask your­self ‘What cir­cum­stances were out of my con­trol? How can I keep this tem­po­rary? And what must I do to con­tain the dam­age of the long-term ef­fects of this event?’”

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