Harm’s Way


Whether it’s in­cor­po­rat­ing el­e­ments of in­dus­trial and nu metal, or shift­ing their fo­cus from jokey pow­ervi­o­lence to bru­tal metal­lic hard­core, Chicago’s Harm’s Way have been evolv­ing and per­fect­ing their sound with each con­sec­u­tive re­lease. Four al­bums and mul­ti­ple EPs later, the band con­tinue to re­fine their sound with their lat­est al­bum, Posthu­man, sur­pass­ing all of their pre­vi­ous work. It be­gins with a pum­melling beat­down of grind­ing gui­tar chugs and break­downs on tracks such as “Last Man” and “Hu­man Car­ry­ing Ca­pac­ity,” which also fea­ture short in­dus­trial breaks in the vein of early Slip­knot. On their last record, Rust, Harm’s Way fo­cused more on writ­ing slower, in­dus­trial-in­flu­enced metal­lic hard­core, but on Posthu­man, the band find a nice mid­dle ground be­tween their new style and older sound. Tracks such as “Be­come a Ma­chine” and “Sink” flit be­tween full-bore ag­gres­sion and jaw-drop­ping break­downs with­out feel­ing heavy for the sake of it.

In the last few years, a sub­stan­tial num­ber of hard­core acts have been adopt­ing nu metal in­flu­ences with mixed re­sults, but Harm’s Way have man­aged to taste­fully in­cor­po­rate a groove el­e­ment into their mu­sic. With Posthu­man, Harm’s Way ex­pand on their ex­per­i­men­ta­tion in other gen­res with­out sac­ri­fic­ing qual­ity along the way. Over­all, the record is an im­pres­sive dis­play of brute force that keeps its mo­men­tum up from be­gin­ning to end. (Metal Blade)

What’s your take on hard­core bands adopt­ing nu metal in­flu­ences?

Drum­mer Chris Mills: We’ve been get­ting some of those com­par­isons, com­ing back to Iso­la­tion in 2011, where we in­cor­po­rated a lot of those in­dus­trial el­e­ments and peo­ple have made the nu metal com­par­i­son. I just think like there’s al­ways go­ing to be that nat­u­ral com­par­i­son made to some of the nu metal bands of the ’90s and heavy hard­core bands, just be­cause of a lot of hard­core be­ing kind of groove-ori­ented.

You ap­peal to so many dif­fer­ent types of mu­sic fans.

Our main goal is to con­nect with as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble through our mu­sic, no mat­ter what kind of genre it reaches. Whether it’s the metal world, the hard­core world, the in­dus­trial world, what­ever it might be. So for us, our abil­ity to reach be­yond the hard­core world and con­nect with other mu­sic lis­ten­ers and show go­ers is huge.


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