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Coco Rocha in­vites FASH­ION to meet her new daugh­ter, Ioni Con­ran. Pho­tographed by Chris Ni­cholls.


Con­ran had 34,000 In­sta­gram fol­low­ers.

“Putting photos of her on so­cial media was a no-brainer to us,” ex­plains model Coco Rocha, whose own fol­low­ing is near­ing 1 mil­lion. “We are tech-ob­sessed.”

Rocha and her hus­band/man­ager, artist James Con­ran, were both wear­ing Ap­ple Watches when they ar­rived at FASH­ION’s shoot with their per­fectly placid daugh­ter in tow.

“I can time and keep track of her feeds, and an­swer the phone and speak hands-free, »

even if I’m burp­ing her,” Rocha says. Con­ran demon­strates how he draws hearts with his fin­ger­tip and they ap­pear on his wife’s screen. At home, when the cou­ple puts Ioni down to sleep, they can po­si­tion a phone to keep an eye on her and watch the im­ages on their wrists.

“Give me a new gad­get be­fore a new pair of shoes,” de­clares Rocha, who grew up in Rich­mond, B.C., and is one of the most suc­cess­ful mod­els Canada has ever pro­duced. Ioni, mean­while, al­ready has an im­pres­sive de­signer wardrobe, thanks to gifts from DSquared, Mis­soni and Jean Paul Gaultier. “No cone bras, though!” Rocha jokes.

At four days early, Ioni was some­what of a sur­prise, Con­ran says. “Coco said, ‘Some­thing doesn’t feel right. Let’s go to the hos­pi­tal and check it out.’ We didn’t even bring a bag with us.”

“The nurse said, ‘You’re hav­ing a baby,’” Rocha re­calls. “I said, ‘Yes, I know.’ She said, ‘No. I mean you’re hav­ing a baby to­day.’ ”

Ioni was born six hours later at seven pounds 12 ounces. Her name is de­rived from a Scot­tish is­land, though both Con­ran and Rocha have Ir­ish blood (Rocha’s is mixed with Ukrainian). “We are very vis­ual peo­ple and we liked the way it looked and sounded,” she says.

This is Ioni’s sec­ond work visit with mom—the first was on Coney Is­land the week prior with Rocha jump­ing in and out of an RV to nurse. And, yes, at seven weeks post-de­liv­ery she fit the minis­cule model sam­ples. “It’s funny how the weight just went away,” Rocha says of the 35 pounds she gained dur­ing her preg­nancy. Her diet hasn’t shifted from her usual burgers and spaghetti. She and Con­ran even shared a can­dlelit steak and lob­ster din­ner the day af­ter Ioni’s birth.

Though Rocha is open to shar­ing mo­ments of her life, did she have any hes­i­ta­tion about mak­ing her baby a public fig­ure? “I think if you share your life just enough, peo­ple won’t ask for more,” says Rocha. In the­ory, any­way. “The other day I had a pa­parazzi who was very in my face about get­ting a photo of her. He asked, and the an­swer was no. And he put his cam­era right into her buggy and did it any­way. But there are peo­ple who don’t share any photos of their chil­dren and that hap­pens to them daily. This way, I get to con­trol the im­age. It’s not a ran­dom photo of her on the street and me frus­trated.”

Rocha sus­pects her daugh­ter might have as­pi­ra­tions other than mod­el­ling. “You don’t al­ways do what your par­ents do,” she says. “You want your own iden­tity.” (Rocha’s par­ents work in the air­line in­dus­try.) But if Ioni does want to model, Rocha will guide her with the same prin­ci­ples she has fol­lowed. Raised as a Je­ho­vah’s Wit­ness, Rocha won’t pose nude, with cig­a­rettes, or with war mes­sag­ing or re­li­gious sym­bols.

“I tell par­ents that this in­dus­try is OK. So for me to turn around and say my child won’t model is a bit hyp­o­crit­i­cal,” Rocha says. “I think the in­dus­try has some great qual­i­ties and it was such a great learn­ing curve for me, good and bad. And I can help her with that. If she said, ‘I don’t want to be a model,’ I wouldn’t be sur­prised. But if she wanted to model, I would help her have a great ex­pe­ri­ence.”


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