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“I re­mem­ber re­al­iz­ing I was in love with some­one,” says Ralph (real name: Raffa Wey­man). “I had this feel­ing that I was go­ing to ei­ther bawl or puke.

“I thought: ‘Shit. I’m in love, but I don’t think I’m go­ing to get what I want out of it.’” She pauses be­fore gen­uinely pon­der­ing: “What’s bet­ter? Hav­ing that sick, in­fat­u­ated feel­ing but know­ing it’s too com­pli­cated or dat­ing some­one sim­ple and good but never feel­ing sick over it?”

Ralph’s melodic retro-pop is as colour­ful as her fashion-for­ward en­sem­bles. She ad­mits that she’s been in love two (maybe three) times, and her self-ti­tled EP is an hon­est re­flec­tion of the thrill, un­bal­ance and con­fu­sion of dat­ing in this mod­ern era. It’s a com­mit­ment to re­al­ness that she isn’t about to give up for love.

“It doesn’t bother me if some­one knows I’m writ­ing about them,” she says. “I’m not try­ing to glo­rify what hap­pened; I just don’t care to lie about it.”

She also doesn’t care to lie to her­self. Feel­ing good phys­i­cally and spir­i­tu­ally—charg­ing her­self with good food and ex­er­cise and prac­tis­ing box breath­ing to calm anx­i­ety—helps her find con­trol amid the chaos.

When she finds the time to suc­cess­fully med­i­tate, she re­peats mantras like “You are good. You are kind. You are lucky.”

“I fig­ure I can’t be preach­ing self-love in my mu­sic if I’m not try­ing to prac­tise it,” she says. Her favourite love song: “A Case of You,” Joni Mitchell

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