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Chuck Tin­gle writes hi­lar­i­ous, ab­surd satir­i­cal gay erot­ica. I pur­chased on Ama­zon ebooks Slammed in the But­t­hole by my Con­cept of Lin­ear Time (Ama­zon Dig­i­tal Ser­vices), a story in which a man has sex with time it­self per­son­i­fied as a buff man with a clock for a head, and I’m Gay for My Liv­ing Bil­lion­aire Jet Plane (Ama­zon Dig­i­tal Ser­vices), in which a man falls in love with an air­plane named Keith. The sto­ries, or “tin­glers,” as the author calls them, are in­cred­i­bly funny and en­ter­tain­ing—in one, a pro­tag­o­nist asks Tin­gle if he could use the word “but­t­hole” in­stead of “anus,” be­cause he says “anus” sounds too clin­i­cal. Other “tin­gler” ti­tles in­clude Big­foot Pi­rates Haunt My Balls, Pounded in the Butt by My Own

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