The GEIST Cryp­tic Cross­word

Geist - - The Wall - Pre­pared by Me­an­dri­cus

Send a copy of your com­pleted puz­zle, along with your name and ad­dress, to: Puz­zle #103 GEIST 210-111 West Hast­ings St. Van­cou­ver, B.C. V6B 1H4

Fax 604-677-6319 The win­ner will be se­lected at ran­dom from cor­rect so­lu­tions re­ceived and will be awarded a one-year sub­scrip­tion to

Geist or—if al­ready a sub­scriber—a Geist key­chain. Good luck!


1 He reg­u­larly waves at the bride, a lot, but it’s too te­dious to dis­turb my surf­ing (2)

4 That east­erner sounds mac­a­ronic but she looks like a chic girl

9 Nat­u­rally, Chuck looked in­ward to select the pro­vin­cial cap­i­tal

10 You can’t beat those trial pro­grams,

but some of them are sec­ond rate 11 Grab it by the horns, Tom. It is

cof­fee time! (2)

14 Get in line, the choir’s go­ing north 15 We read that the lit­tle one could

make change

17 Hey bros, let’s crack up, melt some

but­ter and en­joy!

19 Sounds like the end for the ori­gins

of an­gry birds

21 I think all those dirty places

be­longed to J.R.

23 She lost pa­tience when George

com­plained about pay­ing

24 Af­ter putting on his boa, he

con­sulted the sor­cerer

27 Let’s all re­lax be­fore the bad weather 29 In the cove they put Buffy on day

shift at 1 (3)

30 The Pole kept track of things

32 One short ques­tion: why is

Saskatchewan so mixed up?

33 A noble use for a big ship or an


35 Mur­ray loved green but she is no


38 He told us to re­cline in the chair to

take the exam

39 Herb was hairy but he could also be


40 En­vi­ous of well-painted trim, thir­ty­five gen­er­als beg to peek in (2)


1 Check the data be­fore you de­cide what should go into the cot­ton fleet’s ban (3)

2 That guy in New Orleans is a lit­tle short for Canada, I hear

3 Don’t let the horse bite even 8 tiny morsels

4 The singer packed up ev­ery­thing and flew south. Bye bye!

5 That old girl shouldn’t ad­just her se­cre­tions just be­cause her shrink told her to (ab­brev)

6 The start of Wayne’s star-span­gled fight

7 Hey, that’s my scotch!

8 The mid­dle of that struc­ture makes me anx­ious (ab­brev)

9 When’s that blue­blood due? He wants twice the fat and twice the sugar! (2) 12 Looks like the loan term for the big

owe has ended (ab­brev)

13 That group of peo­ple is not on the

left (ab­brev)

16 Out there or back there, it’s all

sound­ing a bit Asian

18 Help! I need a scrub

20 We watch Leo hang around and

pump gas when it stays light longer 22 In the for­est, God likes to sit up­right

so noth­ing spills on land­ing

25 When mar­itimers were caught short he made it plain they had to go south

26 In the be­gin­ning, Miss Piggy ate

sand­wiches there

27 Oh, FYI, we’re pro­tect­ing you here


28 Molly played shell games in Dublin 31 She laps up patchy videos

34 She’s a saint for vis­it­ing that

hos­pi­tal (ab­brev)

35 If there’s noth­ing else let’s ad­journ


36 In this coun­try those sticks have a

ring to them (ab­brev)

37 God bless us if the Brits think that

up here we all talk the same (ab­brev) There was no win­ner for Puz­zle 102.

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