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From 30 Min­utes After Be­ing Busted: Try­ing to Han­dle Your Ar­rest. Pub­lished by Liferich Pub­lish­ing in 2016. Bilski is an ex-boxer, Wildlife Con­trol Spe­cial­ist and au­thor of 30 Min­utes of Laugh­ter and a Few Min­utes of Fear. You can pur­chase his books at bar­ne­sand­no­


At your first time in a cell, you cry, you re­mem­ber your life. You play over and over in your mind ev­ery good part. But your jail time is still there no mat­ter what you do or dream. You can’t rush the jail time. It is a night­mare that never ends. The thoughts of what you should have done, how, why, when, but noth­ing changes. You are in jail. You don’t know what to tell your fam­ily. Jail is a dif­fer­ent world. You have no idea, not from TV or sto­ries. Jail is like a bad video game you can’t stop play­ing or get out of. So go through the mo­tions as best as you can and fo­cus on your re­lease date.


In prison you get a job. Jobs could be clean­ing floors, toi­lets, the yard, the gym, work­ing in the kitchen giv­ing and cook­ing food, work­ing in the li­brary. You could be on grounds clean up.

Still re­mem­ber ev­ery­one is watch­ing you, all in­mates and of­fi­cers. It takes five min­utes to make a tooth­brush into an eight inch spike to put in your heart. In a crowd of in­mates no one will know who did it. Be care­ful. Of­fi­cers are bad many times. They in­ves­ti­gate the fights. Be care­ful. Trust no one. Take no fa­vors from any­one. Read, work out, stay to your­self.


When on pro­ba­tion or pa­role, your PO is just try­ing to put you back in prison. It is their job. They fol­low you, drug test you, ver­bally ag­gra­vate you to get you to snap ver­bally or go back to drugs or crime, es­pe­cially when you are do­ing well. It is a game to them to vi­o­late your pa­role or pro­ba­tion. No one is your friend. But usu­ally your fam­ily is. Stay clean. Work. Keep to cur­fews, no drugs. It is not worth go­ing back to prison. Re­mem­ber, all jeal­ous peo­ple have to do is com­plain about you and you go back to jail.


Many many in­mates have fool proof ideas. They feel that when they get out of prison they have a plan. They’ll also try to con­vince you about do­ing the plan with them. They cre­ate an il­lu­sion that you will be wealthy and you are their part­ner and their friend. After weeks of this friend il­lu­sion, now they ask you to have peo­ple send them money and to write to them. Don’t fall for the scams. You will be trapped.

Never dis­play your pic­tures in the open for oth­ers to see, as it is per­ceived as show­ing off. Jeal­ousy will get you robbed or beat up, set up or even worse. Now if in­mates see you get a lot of mag­a­zines or mail, when you are done with your books or mag­a­zines, pick a big tough per­son and say, I fin­ished with th­ese, do you want to look at them. This will give you a per­son that will usu­ally watch your back as he feels your next ex­tra books you will give to him. He will trade for cig­a­rettes or fa­vors. This will help you.

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