The GEIST Cryp­tic Cross­word

Geist - - The Wall - Pre­pared by Me­an­dri­cus

Send a copy of your com­pleted puz­zle, along with your name and ad­dress, to:

Puz­zle #104 GEIST

210-111 West Hast­ings St. Van­cou­ver, B.C. V6B 1H4

Fax 604-677-6319

The win­ner will be se­lected at ran­dom from cor­rect so­lu­tions re­ceived and will be awarded a one-year sub­scrip­tion to Geist or—if al­ready a sub­scriber—a Geist mag­net. Good luck!


1 The French said there’s noth­ing fake about that de­col­o­nized soup 3 When Stan was one he un­der­stood a lot of what he re­ceived 6 The emer­gent plan is to cross the street 10 A while back all those paint­ings had a home on the grange 12 Frank loved to go down the river in Jan­uary to see a girl 13 Would the shady Dutch one work? 15 I gather that im­mi­grants are al­ways do­ing this, when they’re not grin­ning 17 Are you avail­able to drink some beer? (2) 19 Sounds like Tom didn’t mean to be mean, it wasn’t on his mind 20 My true heart says it’s petty but it’s just wrong! 21 It was a windy day when he and Sylvia said good­bye to the east 22 That sandy ridge reeks of ice 24 That even-toed un­gu­late is smokin’ hot 25 This comes last, but not in the US 27 This time don’t walk or you won’t make any un­ex­cep­tional money 28 Around here some of the word­smiths could be­long to the horse talker (ab­brev) 29 Things are re­ally heat­ing up in Am­s­ter­dam. Hope they can keep the lid on. 30 Theo sure talks a lot 31 She records every­thing she saw 34 If things get hec­tic, tell Ken so he doesn’t look up and panic! (2) 38 Right, let’s pay her the same! 39 Lit­tle bea­gle al­ways fol­lows the rules 40 Get twenty of them to haul that bo­rax over there (ab­brev) 41 Sounds like Polly has many tal­ents 42 Is he still go­ing around giv­ing peo­ple the hairy eye­ball? 43 Let’s give the kids some food be­fore we talk about the com­pe­ti­tion (ab­brev) 44 That story cer­tainly kin­dles some nookie! 47 Send me what’s left be­fore she puts a stop to it 50 Give me that beer can, sir, and then mount your horse with the oth­ers 51 She was at­tracted be­fore be­ing hood­winked by Ken 52 Those an­i­mal sto­ries seem like false news to me


1 To tell you the truth, when he gets nosy and starts blush­ing, I like pulling his strings (2) 2 If you see a good omen, tie it once be­fore 3 Don’t let that lit­tle guy spin around or get away be­cause I’m sure that once we name him we’ll have power over him 4 The first monk thinks that once she is fami­lar with the new sys­tem, she’ll find the re­gion just right (2) 5 Even though she’s un­listed, her pony­tail has a nice shape and she al­ways gets her ra­tios right (2) 6 What the heck do you have for cur­rency? 7 A knit­ter loves a bauble to mark the row 8 That girl in the ashes thinks chem­istry is filled with evil con­coc­tions 9 Even though she had a sore eye, she rode a big one in the pen 11 Drink this tonic and then put some cot­ton on it be­fore it gets rummy 14 He got a medal but couldn’t use his leg 16 In prin­ci­ple, let’s not let it get com­pli­cated (ab­brev) 18 Moses was at the club and he was pack­ing some pieces for the fir­ing (ab­brev) 23 That is so hot it’s ex­tremely cool 26 Is that lone sub­stance or­ganic? 32 Sounds like she needs to take a breath be­fore join­ing that group of gold dig­gers 33 Let’s change that. Oh, wait, let’s not. 34 Holy cow, that’s fancy stitch­ing! 35 Sounds like John was mad that din­ner wasn’t kosher 36 On the 5th we get a sa­cred gift (ab­brev) 37 Her pixie just wanted to bor­row some sugar to put on the mush­rooms 45 Talk to me about com­mon hit­ting as op­posed to fol­low­ing the herd 46 Paul and his mates asked for an award­win­ning English ap­ple (ab­brev) 48 We’re too low on as­sets (ab­brev) 49 Are you cry­ing be­cause your mom was mean?

There was no win­ner for Puz­zle 103.

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