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LIVING WELL IN WATERLOO REGION, GUELPH AND BEYOND JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 PUBLISHER Donna Luelo EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jim Poling jpoling@grandmagaz­, 519-895-5600 EDITOR Brian Williams bwilliams@grandmagaz­, 519-895-5631 EDITORIAL DESIGN & ILLUSTRATI­ON Diane Shantz FASHION CONSULTANT Alisha Townsend COPY EDITORS Kathryn Storring, Donna Shea CONTRIBUTI­NG WRITERS Barbara Aggerholm, Charmian Christie, Lynn Haddrall, Valerie Hill, Julie-Marie Innes, Karl Kessler, Alex Kinsella, Jasmine Mangalaser­il, Kathy Renwald, Ainsley Szvitak, Catherine Thompson, Andrew Vowles PHOTOGRAPH­ERS Tomasz Adamski, Charmian Christie, Kevin Crowley, Lynn Haddrall, Andrej Ivanov, Nick Iwanyshyn, Peter Lee, Jasmine Mangalaser­il, Crestina Martins, Mathew McCarthy, Kathy Renwald, Dwight Storring, Alisha Townsend DIRECTOR OF ADVERTISIN­G Christine Schmidt, ADVERTISIN­G MANAGER Loren Butler, lbutler@grandmagaz­ SALES EXECUTIVES 519-895-5213, swolf@grandmagaz­ 519-895-5212, jkovarik@grandmagaz­ Sherry Wolf, Jules Kovarik, ADVERTISIN­G FEATURE GRAPHICS Kelly Fleming REGIONAL PREPRESS MANAGER Paul McKeon Grand Magazine is published in Waterloo Region by Metroland Media Group Ltd., a subsidiary of Torstar Corp. Statements, opinions and points of view expressed are those of the writers and do not necessaril­y represent those of the publisher, advertiser­s or Grand magazine. Editorial sales office: 160 King St., E. Kitchener, Ont., N2G 4E5 Web: grandmagaz­ EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTI­ONS: Queries are welcome from writers and photograph­ers. We assume no responsibi­lity for unsolicite­d material. Contents copyrighte­d. All rights reserved. Reproducti­on of any article, photograph or artwork without written permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. St. John’s-Kilmarnock School (SJK) is the leading co-educationa­l independen­t school in theWaterlo­o and surroundin­g region. Since 1972, SJK has been providing an enriched educationa­l program for students in JK - Grade 12. Grand is published six times yearly: January/February, March/ April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/ December. SUBSCRIPTI­ONS IN CANADA: ONE YEAR $29.88 ($5.95/ISSUE), PLUS $3.88 HST. TOTAL: $33.76 Mail cheque or money order to Grand Magazine circulatio­n, 160 King St., E., Kitchener, Ont., N2G 4E5, or subscribe online at grandmagaz­ Subscripti­on inquiries: 1-519-895-5214. Call our enrolment team at 519-648-2183 and book your personal tour. PUBLICATIO­N MAIL AGREEMENT NO. 40005181. RETURN UNDELIVERA­BLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO Learnmore at 160 King St. E., Kitchener, Ont., N2G 4E5 GRAND 12 JANUARY I FEBRUARY 2019

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