Some of East­ern Canada’s Finest Climb­ing

Gripped - - THE GYM - Story and Pho­tos by Climbs Alain De­nis East Coast Rock

Sit­ting at the end of the road over­look­ing Lake Boisseau, a fr iend told me how it was some­times dif­fi­cult to ap­pre­ci­ate the Lau­ren­tians when he re­turned from a tr ip to the western part of the con­ti­nent, where the walls are big­ger.

Af­ter Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, In­dian Creek and Riff le, he won­ders how to keep his enthusiasm for our small lo­cal crags. It is a com­mon con­di­tion for climbers in the easter n par t of the con­ti­nent as John Har­ling III men­tioned in his

guide­book pub­lished in the 1980s. This feel­ing has never af fected me as I al­ways f ind the beaut y Que­bec has to of fer and am happy to re­turn af­ter tr ips to the big walls. For my fr iends out there who f ind it hard to be mo­ti­vated by easter n stone, let me share these pho­tos and thoughts with you.

Above our heads, the slings were swing­ing gen­tly in the breeze from the lake nearby. The tem­per­a­ture was per fect and the si­lence of morn­ing in the countr yside is only dis­turbed by the croak­ing of frogs among the lilies. As we put our gear on, I stared up at my project, the might y Cherub 5.12a. In my opin­ion, it is the best in the area which has about 30 spor t routes that range from 5.8 to 5.14. The an­gle of the wall is ver­ti­cal to over­hang­ing and the aver­age height is around 20 me­tres.

Af­ter a ses­sion on Cherub, we ex­plored the Boisseau Lake wall. I would cal l this wall my favour ite in the area, it has some amaz­ing 5.10 s. The lines here have en­gag­ing move­ment. The area is big on wilder­ness conser va­tion, so you wil l see lots of wildlife. The Boisseau Lake wall is lo­cated near the vil lage of La Con­cep­tion about 150 kilo­me­tres from Mon­treal, where we also f ind the crag of Sil­ver Moun­tain.

Sil­ver Moun­tain has be­come the most pop­u­lar climb­ing area in the Lau­ren­tians, de­thron­ing Val-David (the birth­place of rock climb­ing in Que­bec) which was, for a long time, the busiest area around the Mon­treal area.

Sev­era l thing s have contr ibuted to the suc­cess of Si lver Moun­tain. Fi r st, the var iet y of routes : there are hun­dreds of

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