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Fifi Hook Ev­ery aid climber needs a good fifi hook and Black Di­a­mond’s has proven it stands up to the task. It’s light, rugged, sim­ply de­signed and a great value. It is not made to take falls, so use it for its con­structed pur­pose. Great for you big wallers out there. It seems far more climbers are spend­ing time in gyms th­ese days, but there are those who still head up high on big walls with the in­ten­tion of spend­ing a few days. For those big wallers out there, this list is for you. Pinto Rig Pul­ley The Pinto Rig Pul­ley has hot forged curves that make it uber ef­fi­cient. You never know when you’ll need a pul­ley to make life eas­ier. The Rig Pul­ley is sim­i­lar to the clas­sic Pinto Pul­ley, but can han­dle larger ropes and has a high ef­fi­ciency bear­ing.

Black Di­a­mond Fifi Hook

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