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Cram­pon tech­nol­ogy changes ev­ery year and, de­pend­ing on what you’re aim­ing for, there’s a spe­cific tool for you. This chart gives a good break­down of what you’re look­ing for. Snow walk­ing Gen­eral moun­taineer­ing

Tech­ni­cal moun­taineer­ing

Wa­ter­fall ice and mixed climb­ing

Alu­minum or steel

Steel Steel

Fixed hor­i­zon­tal

Fixed hor­i­zon­tal

Mod­u­lar ver­ti­cal Flex­i­ble con­struc­tion (i.e., spring cen­tre bars)

Semi-rigid Semi-rigid Semi-rigid Strap-on Strap-on, hy­brid or step-in

Strap-on, hy­brid or step-in

Hy­brid or step-in Petzl 10 12 14 or more Sarken Lev­er­lock

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