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to Lar­ry Jum­rat­tie to take de­li­ve­ry at the of­fice of the Su­pe­rior Court in the dis­trict of si­tua­ted at 1, Notre-Dame Street West, in the ci­ty of mon­tréal, wi­thin 30 days in or­der to re­ceive the ori­gi­na­ting ap­pli­ca­tion left there in your name. You must ans­wer the ap­pli­ca­tion wi­thin the time spe­ci­fied on the sum­mons at­ta­ched to it, fai­ling which a de­fault judg­ment may be ren­de­red against you and you may have to pay the le­gal costs. This no­tice is pu­bli­shed un­der an or­der ren­de­red on May 17th, 2016 by the Clerk of the Su­pe­rior Court in case num­ber 500- 04- 068295- 162. It will not be pu­bli­shed again, in­less re­qui­red by the cir­cum­stances. Mon­tréal, le 2 juin 2016 MA­RIO AU­BIN GREFFIER AD­JOINT C.S.M.

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