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The IAF runs two mod­ules of a quar­ry­ing and carv­ing work­shop for sculp­tors. The first takes place in Ver­mont and Ot­tawa, where Davidee Ak­palialuk, Tim­iusie Kooneel­iusie, Mat­too Michael, Jukie Nookiguak, Taqialuq Nuna, Eye­siak Pad­luq, and Ja­coposie Tiglik learn quar­ry­ing tech­niques. In the sec­ond, Davidee Ak­palialuk, Okpik Pit­se­o­lak, Jerry Semi­gak, Theresa Si­van­er­tok, Lizzie Sivuara­pik and Oviloo Tun­nil­lie par­tic­i­pate in carv­ing work­shops at the Ot­tawa School of Art.

Oviloo Tun­nil­lie par­tic­i­pates in a carv­ing work­shop at the Ot­tawa School of Art, 1992

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