At last, hope for the fu­ture

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Sev­eral years ago I be­came in­ter­ested in the Green Party, at both the fed­eral and pro­vin­cial level, but the chances of them ever tak­ing power seemed re­mote. That was back in the 1980s and 90s.

Re­mem­ber, we had a num­ber of fuel short­ages and the prices soared. Peo­ple were con­cerned and the race for small fuel-ef­fi­cient ve­hi­cles was on. The big three auto mak­ers pro­duced some half­hearted at­tempts such as Vega, Pinto and Omni. They didn’t last and soon we were back to big gas guz­zling trucks and V8 cars again.

How­ever, to­day the story is dif­fer­ent, in­deed the sit­u­a­tion is dif­fer­ent, gas prices are at an all time high, reach­ing prices that we once could not have imag­ined. I think we can take hope from this, oil seems to be slip­ping. The can­cel­la­tion of the En­ergy East Pipe­line is a good ex­am­ple. Just drive around the Is­land to­day and try to count the num­ber of heat pumps at pri­vate homes and large apart­ment build­ings. We have sev­eral Green politi­cians elected across the coun­try in­clud­ing here on P.E.I. Cli­mate change has be­come a re­al­ity (maybe not to Trump) and peo­ple are con­cerned. Fi­nally, auto man­u­fac­tur­ers are tak­ing se­ri­ously the nec­es­sary change to elec­tric and clean en­ergy ve­hi­cles. China is lead­ing the way and ev­ery­one else has to catch up. There is at last some hope for the fu­ture of our world and the hu­man race.

F. Ben Rodgers, Abram Vil­lage

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