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Re­cent news tells us our elec­tric­ity bills in the City of Summerside, will in­crease 2.5 per cent this year, keep­ing in line with Mar­itime Elec­tric. There is some­thing very wrong with this pic­ture.

Years ago when this wind­mill project was set up, with our pre­vi­ous mayor and coun­cil, the res­i­dents were led to be­lieve this in­vest­ment would de­crease our utility bills. There has never been a de­crease, since this project was com­pleted. Prior to our bud­get 2018-2019 is passed, Mayor Bill Martin and coun­cil, owe an ex­pla­na­tion to the res­i­dents, by dis­clos­ing to us, the com­plete over­view of this wind­mill project. For ex­am­ple, how much did this costs the tax­pay­ers? What ex­actly is be­ing done with this elec­tric­ity? Is it be­ing sold off Is­land?

What kind of profit did this project bring to our city? What real ben­e­fits has this project done for the city? How come the city rates in­crease ev­ery year? These are the fact we the ci­ti­zens, want to read about. Stop com­par­ing us to Mar­itime Elec­tric, as that ar­gu­ment does not hold any weight. Hope­fully all res­i­dents will get an an­swer to these spe­cific points of in­ter­est, prior to pass­ing the bud­get, as pro­jected. It’s our money, we should all know where its go­ing. There should be no si­lence on this im­por­tant is­sue.

David Grif­fin, Summerside

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