Are Ca­na­dians lear­ning to dis­trust Tru­deau?

The bot­ched elec­to­ral re­form initia­ti­ve and the ac­cess-for-cash mess high­light a gro­wing dis­con­nect bet­ween the vo­ters and the Li­be­rals

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stres­sed that they couldn’t de­fend their ac­tions as being le­gal.

Neit­her of the­se mat­ters is of cos­mic sig­ni­fi­can­ce and the mo­ney in­vol­ved in the lat­ter ca­se is tri­vial. But as Tru­deau dog­gedly de­fends the prac­ti­ce in ques­tion pe­riod, he co­mes across at the very least as di­sin­ge­nuous. If so­lemn pled­ges are trea­ted in such a ca­va­lier fas­hion, what el­se may be in jeo­pardy?

No one be­lie­ved that the pri­me mi­nis­ter would coast th­rough his term scat­te­ri­ng star­dust in his path. Rea­lity was bound to set in and with it di­sap­point­ment, and the loss of so­met­hing much mo­re se­rious - trust. Trust is the most pre­cious com­mo­dity a po­li­ti­cian can pos­sess. Alt­hough Tru­deau was swept in­to po­wer, in part, due to his phy­si­cal at­tri­bu­tes and other qua­li­ties, mo­re than anyt­hing, vo­ters be­lie­ved he was trust­worthy. The­re was an aut­hen­ti­city about the Li­be­ral lea­der that led to vis­ce­ral sup­port.

Whi­le pes­si­mism, an­ger and di­si­llu­sion­ment we­re swee­ping many coun­tries, we had a lea­der who ap­pea­led to the best in peo­ple and be­lie­ved the best of peo­ple.

What has chan­ged?

So­me can­di­da­tes for pu­blic of­fi­ce em­bra­ce po­si­tions me­rely for strategic or tac­ti­cal pur­po­ses - I’ve heard a cam­paign ma­na­ger con­fess this.

If Ca­na­dians be­gin to be­lie­ve that the pri­me mi­nis­ter’s stand on cer­tain is­sues was me­re po­li­ti­cal ex­pe­diency, they’ll aban­don his party in dro­ves.

If this is a mis­per­cep­tion and he rec­ti­fies the pro­blems, then his repu­tation can be sal­va­ged and the da­ma­ge won’t be per­ma­nent.

Unu­sually, Ca­na­da gar­ners at­ten­tion on the in­ter­na­tio­nal sta­ge as a bea­con of ho­pe in an in­crea­singly xe­nop­ho­bic world. Tru­deau and em­battled Ger­man Chan­ce­llor An­ge­la Mer­kel are re­gar­ded as the last cham­pions of progressive, open de­mo­cra­cies. It’s pos­si­ble he’ll be the last man stan­ding af­ter the up­co­ming Ger­man elec­tion.

With so much ri­ding on his shoul­ders, it’s es­sen­tial he re­gain the trust so many ves­ted in him on elec­tion day.

If he doesn’t get the mes­sa­ge on his cu­rrent lis­te­ning tour and in the months to co­me, Tru­deau might find in 2019 that his wa­rranty has run out.


Do­reen Ba­rrie is an ad­junct as­sis­tant pro­fes­sor in the Po­li­ti­cal Scien­ce Department at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­gary.

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