Being pre­pa­red when di­sas­ter stri­kes

Ha­ve cer­tain sup­plies on hand at all ti­mes and plan for the worst no mat­ter of whe­re you are

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They say that good ar­tists bo­rrow and great ar­tists steal. I’m stea­ling from Jim Cobb.

Cobb has writ­ten a shelf full of books on emer­gency pre­pa­red­ness. Start whe­re you li­ke. I star­ted with Count­down to Pre­pa­red­ness: The Prep­per’s 52-Week Cour­se to To­tal Di­sas­ter Rea­di­ness.

Oddly, the­re’sre s mo­re clear and use­ful in­for­ma­tion in this little pa­per­back than n the­re is in most ur­ban emer­gency plans.

Every­body needs an emer­gency plan. You’ll know why if you li­ve in tor­na­do alley, on any coasts, in Al­ber­ta and Sas­kat­che­wan­wan du­ring re­cent fo­rest fi­res and eva­cua­tions, aroun­dound the bog fi­re in Del­ta,

B.C., or af­ter thehe re­cent earth­qua­ke in Van­cou­ver. an­cou­ver.

Mo­re broadly, the­re are re­gu­lar ice storms, po­wer wer ou­ta­ges and exx­tre­me weat­her er to con­tend with h across the coun- try.

It’s re­mark­ka­ble how poor oor ur­ban emer­gency gency plans tend to be, alt­hough so­me con­tain good ad­vi­ce on per­so­nal pre­pa­red­ness. I li­ke the firs­taid kit chec­klis­tsists in Guelph,

Ont., with ho­nou­ra­bleou­ra­ble men­tion to Bir­ming­ham,m, U.K., Jack­son­vi­lle, Fla., and Or­lan­do, Fla. The “go bag” con­cept in­vol­ves nvol­ves what to ta­ke and I li­ke the thin­king­hin­king in St. Cat­ha­ri­nes, Ont., with ho­nou­ra­ble men­tions for Wind­sor, Ont.,nt., Mil­wau­kee, Wisc.,

Long Beach, Ca­lif.,alif., Wa­shing­ton, D.C., and Mel­bour­ne and Syd­ney in Aus­tra­lia. St. Cat­ha­ri­nes and Guelph lph al­so ha­ve ad­vi­ce on a car kit, which is a little diff dif­fe­rent k kettlel of f fi fish.h

Cobb doesn’t just want to be able to reach for a few ban­da­ges or ha­ve so­me sup­plies in the car for a trip out of the dan­ger zo­ne. He’s get­ting ready to sur­vi­ve for a long ti­me by gro­wing food, using so­lar po­wer, ha­ving no se­wa­ge sys­tem, no medical care, and on and on.

He’s not kid­ding. The fact that he goes dee­per and fart­her than even the good ur­ban plans I’ve ci­ted is to his cre­dit, and a bit of an em­ba­rrass­ment for ur­ban emer­gency plan­ners.

Cobb’s idea is to do a little each week to get really pre­pa­red. He sug­gests sa­ving cash and stoc­king up on wa­ter. He tells you what food to buy and how of­ten to re­pla­ce sup­plies.

He’s not alo­ne in his thin­king. The Su­rrey, B.C., ci­vic web­si­te links to a do­cu­ment pro­vi­ding 26 steps to pre­pa­red­ness. It gi­ves fa­mily mem­bers va­rious tasks and breaks down what seems li­ke a daun­ting job in­to ma­na­gea­ble bi­tes. Long Beach has a 21-week plan to achie­ve much the sa­me. The­se are all good ideas.

But he­re are a few things that Cobb ma may be able to call his own. First is when to use your sto­red d drin­king wa­ter in the bath: every six months. Al­so how to ro­ta­te food sup­plies in and out so that you’re not ea ea­ting so­met­hing that’s fi­ve years old with no nu­tri nu­tri­tio­nal va­lue just when you need nu­tri­tion du­ring­du­rin an emer­gency. Cobb al­so ad­vo­ca­tes for “Get Ho­me Bags.” The­re was on­ce a r re­fe­ren­ce on the web­si­te of Char­lot­te, N.C., about how folks might go h ho­me to as­sem­ble fa­mily mem­bersm be­fo­re eva­cua­tin eva­cua­ting, or how they all migh might meet at work or in the midd­le. B But I don’t think a an­yo­ne has do­ne a anyt­hing about this cir­cums­tan­ce. Cobb has.

Th The sim­ple idea is that when an emer­gency is de­cla­red o or an eva­cua­tion or­de­red, many o of us – tens of thou­sands of us in ci ci­ties – may ha­ve to get ho­me sa­fely be­fo­re going anyw­he­re el­se. We’ll need a bag of supp sup­plies in ca­se we ha­ve to walk, stay warm, keep dr dry, eat, drink and so on. The­se are dif­fe­rent needs than for long stays at ho­me or car trips to sa­fety. So we need su sup­plies at the of­fi­ce and ho­me, and in the car.

If that Get Ho­me Bag is what you ha­ve to ta­ke out of town be­cau­se you can’t get ho­me, you still ha­ve so­met­hing use­ful that may sa­ve your li­fe.

And you will ha­ve me to thank, be­cau­se I sto­le th the idea from Jim Cobb. -TROYMEDIA

Troy Me­dia co­lum­nist Dr. Allan Bon­ner has con­sul­ted on so­me of the ma­jor plan­ning and pu­blic po­licy is­sues of our ti­me on fi­ve con­ti­nents over 25 years. He lo­ves ci­ties and his next book will be titled Sa­fer Ci­ties. Allan is in­clu­ded in Troy Me­dia’s Un­li­mi­ted Ac­cess subs­crip­tion plan.

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