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Tru­deau must be the lea­der who de­fies Trump ...

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Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Jus­tin Tru­deau must step up now to pro­vi­de the voi­ce nee­ded by a world knoc­ked off ba­lan­ce. U.S. Pre­si­dent Do­nald Trump’s first days in of­fi­ce make it clear we can’t af­ford the lu­xury of de­fe­ren­ce.

The po­ten­tial for glo­bal des­ta­bi­li­za­tion is real. Chaos is being sown and the lan­gua­ge of ex­clu­sion is on­ce again being gi­ven a full-th­roa­ted shout. That it’s ema­na­ting from the Uni­ted Sta­tes, a country that pri­ded it­self on being a ha­ven, ma­kes it all the mo­re gro­tes­que.

The mur­ders of six Mus­lim wors­hip­pers in a Que­bec City mos­que show how ea­sily it is for the beast of ha­te to be un­leas­hed.

The­re can no lon­ger be any doubts re­gar­ding Trump – the man meant what he said du­ring the the U.S. elec­tion cam­paign and has no in­ten­tion of fo­llo­wing a hig­her path now that he’s pre­si­dent.

Tru­deau is uni­quely po­si­tio­ned be­cau­se he has al­ready ma­de an un­cha­rac­te­ris­tic im­pres­sion for a Ca­na­dian pri­me mi­nis­ter on the glo­bal sta­ge. Now is the ti­me for him to be front and cen­tre – to be a standard bea­rer for the glo­ba­list ideal. Now is the mo­ment to ex­ploit his po­li­ti­cal ce­le­brity in the ser­vi­ce of peo­ple cast adrift the world over.

Any ho­pe that Trump would so­mehow em­bra­ce tra­di­tio­nal Ame­ri­can va­lues has been lost. He will not be hum­bled by his of­fi­ce, nor will he be trans­for­med in­to a lea­der of cir­cums­pec­tion and ma­tu­re judg­ment. The res­pon­si­bi­lity of po­wer will not al­ter his na­tu­re.

Rea­so­na­ble peo­ple are of­ten left pla­ying catch-up when fa­ced with men li­ke Trump. They are ac­cus­to­med to seeing the fiery words of cam­paigns be quickly dou­sed by the de­mands of so­ber go­ver­nan­ce. So they’re in­cli­ned to gi­ve the be­ne­fit of the doubt in the ear­liest days. Tru­deau ac­ted pro­perly and did that.

Prior to the inau­gu­ra­tion, Tru­deau ac­ted with di­plo­ma­tic cau­tion and spo­ke no word of con­fron­ta­tion or con­dem­na­tion. Des­pi­te Trump’s po­si­tions being in stark op­po­si­tion to the pri­me mi­nis­ter’s pro­gres­si­ve orien­ta­tion, Tru­deau took the high road and of­fe­red con­gra­tu­la­tions. He ack­now­led­ged the be­ne­fi­cial re­la­tions­hip bet­ween Ca­na­da and the U.S. and ex­pres­sed con­fi­den­ce in a con­ti­nued and po­si­ti­ve part­ners­hip.

That was then. What is re­qui­red now is an emp­ha­tic re­pu­dia­tion of the path Trump seeks to em­bark upon from the Oval Of­fi­ce – a dan­ge­rous path of di­vi­sion ba­sed on eth­ni­city, na­tio­nal ori­gin and re­li­gion that should ha­ve every thin­king per­son on the pla­net pric­king up their ears in ho­rror.

Trump deser­ves to feel the full brunt of ou­tra­ge that re­jects iso­la­tion and na­tio­na­lism, and is an af­fir­ma­tion of in­clu­si­ve­ness and sha­red hu­man goals of pros­pe­rity, dig­nity, and, yes, jus­ti­ce for all.

If Trump is left un­cha­llen­ged to in­dul­ge an arro­gan­ce so irres­pon­si­ble and a pa­ra­noia so se­ve­re, then the fa­llout will un­der­mi­ne Ame­ri­can stan­ding for a ge­ne­ra­tion. Such a di­mi­nis­hing of Ame­ri­can sta­tu­re can­not fail to al­so harm Ca­na­da’s eco­no­mic and se­cu­rity in­ter­ests.

Tru­deau can af­firm that a world com­mu­nity stands in op­po­si­tion to the po­li­cies of bi­gotry and the bea­ting drum of na­tio­na­lism. His will not be a voi­ce in the wil­der­ness and he will quickly find a cho­rus of sup­port – much of it wit­hin the Uni­ted Sta­tes.

The­re’s an ebb and flow to his­tory; cer­tain mo­ments must be sei­zed by pro­perly-pla­ced in­di­vi­duals who choo­se the of­ten lo­nely road of en­ga­ge­ment and im­pli­ca­tion. His­tory is re­ple­te with tho­se who stood idly by in si­len­ce whi­le the ti­des of ha­te be­gan to churn.

Tru­deau can gi­ve le­gi­ti­ma­te voi­ce to the countless mi­llions around the world who ha­ve seen bu­llies and blow­hards gat­her un­to them enough li­ke-min­ded and fee­ble fo­llo­wers to turn rhe­to­ric in­to a ra­ge that th­rea­tens the pea­ce and se­cu­rity for which so many ha­ve fought and died.

Tho­se who wait for the right ti­me of­ten find that they ha­ve wai­ted too long. -TROYMEDIA

Troy Me­dia co­lum­nist Ga­vin Ma­cFad­yen is a Ca­na­da-rai­sed, U.S.-ba­sed wri­ter and oc­ca­sio­nal law­yer. Blen­ding in­sight and wit, he brings a uni­que pers­pec­ti­ve to the is­sues of the day. Ga­vin is in­clu­ded in Troy Me­dia’s Un­li­mi­ted Ac­cess subs­crip­tion plan.

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