Fies­ta Lon­don brought Me­xi­co to down­town Lon­don

La Jornada (Canada) - - EDITORIAL -

Fies­ta Lon­don! was mo­re than just a ce­le­bra­tion. It was an af­fir­ma­tion of the be­lief that our His­pa­nic com­mu­nity is ali­ve and with pro­mi­se.

Many of us ha­ve a sen­se that it was ti­me for this th­ri­ving com­mu­nity to show it­self, and ot­hers, the ex­tra­or­di­nary beauty of a cul­tu­re rich in di­ver­sity. The pos­si­bi­li­ties we­re end­less: mu­sic! dan­ce! tra­di­tion! And thanks to our city, Fies­ta Lon­don has be­co­me a stun­ning tri­bu­te to the vi­ta­lity of the His­pa­nic Com­mu­nity in Lon­don.

Fies­ta Lon­don! en­cou­ra­ges in­di­vi­duals from all eth­nic back­grounds to co­me share in the rich his­tory, art, mu­sic and cui­si­ne of La­tin Ame­ri­ca.

We firmly be­lie­ve that cul­tu­ral ex­chan­ge and in­ter-cul­tu­ral awa­re­ness are vi­tal in a mul­ti­cul­tu­ral so­ciety li­ke Lon­don. Eth­nic cul­tu­ral events such as Fies­ta Lon­don! pre­sent a won­der­ful op­por­tu­nity to un­ders­tand dif­fe­rent va­lues and be­liefs whi­le buil­ding brid­ges across com­mu­ni­ties.

Fies­ta Lon­don is a fa­mily orien­ted fes­ti­val, a show­ca­se of our He­ri­ta­ge, it gi­ves emp­ha­sis on the Me­xi­can-Ca­na­dian way of li­fe, as well as dis­pla­ying ot­her His­pa­nic in­fluen­ces in our so­ciety, such as Co­lom­bia y El Sal­va­dor. Our fes­ti­val en­cou­ra­ged in­di­vi­duals from all eth­nic back­grounds to co­me share in the rich his­tory, art, mu­sic and cui­si­ne of our His­pa­nic com­mu­nity. We try to help main­tain this cul­tu­re in the com­mu­nity and wit­hin our chil­dren.

On­ce again, Fies­ta Lon­don! Me­xi­can Fes­ti­val mar­ked the kick-off of the fes­ti­val sea­son in the city and this year we joi­ned CA­NA­DA 150 ce­le­bra­tions -Me­xi­can sty­le!

Fies­ta Lon­don! has be­co­me an ex­tre­mely fun and broadly ce­le­bra­ted fes­ti­val for Lon­do­ners. It ce­le­bra­ted with brightly co­lou­red de­co­ra­tions, fol­klo­re, ma­ria­chi mu­sic, dan­cing, and aut­hen­tic Me­xi­can food, which ma­kes this fes­ti­val a great event to ce­le­bra­te for any age and na­tio­na­lity. Af­ter all, gi­ving back to the city is what it’s all about.

Why? Be­cau­se this fes­ti­val ho­nors cul­tu­re, tra­di­tion, and fa­mily.

Big GRA­CIAS to all our SPONSORS, SUPORTERS, and VENDORS. Gra­cias to all our sup­pliers and in-kind sponsors. Mil gra­cias to our com­mit­te and vo­lun­teers that works every year, sel­fishly, to ma­ke Fies­ta Lon­don a hu­ge suc­cess!

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